Productivity Tools

24/7 Customer Support
| 2 min read
Leveraging collaboration tools like Mattermost or Slack, and integrating them with issue-tracking/project management systems like Redmine, Jira, or Trello using Low code, No code tools like Make or Zapier can enhance productivity and simplify various organizational tasks. In this blog post, we will explore how a successful IT Support Ticket System was created by integrating Mattermost and Redmine, paving the way for limitless possibilities in optimizing internal communication and workflow management.
Digital Asset Expiry Tracker - Configuration
| 4 min read
Asset Expiry Tracker is a tool designed for system administrators or project managers to effortlessly manage and track the expiry dates of critical services and assets, such as SSL certificates, domain names, and more. With Asset Expiry Tracker, admins can set personalized reminders, ensuring timely renewals and preventing potential service disruptions.
Webform Submission Workflow
| 5 min read
Adaptability and swift implementation of feature requests from business owners are important for successful digital ventures. When faced with the challenge of meeting the dynamic demands of the operations team and ever-changing business requirements, relying solely on native implementations can lead to prolonged deployment times and missed opportunities. Learn how we have leveraged no-code, low-code solutions and Drupal to quickly deploy a feature that made a media portal's lead management process efficient.
| 4 min read
Git is a free software and distributed version control system. We can maintain and track our project files in a git repository. It is a modern version control system that replaces the legacy centralized systems like CVS, Subversion etc. We can call Git a 'social network' for programmers or developers, which gives speed and efficiency in development. Different commands are used to handle the operations in git.
Patience, empathy, consistency, clear communication, adaptability, knowledge, and a strong work ethic are all qualities that your customer support person should possess.
| 5 min read
Here is another Free Google App script from Zyxware. This is a simple Google Spreadsheet based Google App which we had developed in-house to manage tasks that are coordinated closely by our Project Management Office. We are releasing this utility as Free Software under a GPL license. We use Redmine as our project management system and manage all the project related tasks through redmine. However there would still have to have management / supervision effort put in to manage and review the execution of these tasks, groups of tasks and the project as a whole. This app helps us in taking care of that.