Low Code, No Code Solution for an IT Support Desk with Mattermost, Redmine and Make

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Leveraging collaboration tools like Mattermost or Slack, and integrating them with issue-tracking/project management systems like Redmine, Jira, or Trello using Low code, No code tools like Make or Zapier can enhance productivity and simplify various organizational tasks. In this blog post, we will explore how a successful IT Support Ticket System was created by integrating Mattermost and Redmine, paving the way for limitless possibilities in optimizing internal communication and workflow management.

The IT Support Ticket System

We use Redmine to track IT support issues raised by our employees. Since Mattermost served as our primary communication platform, we saw an opportunity to streamline the process by integrating both systems and creating a way to raise IT support tickets through Mattermost. We developed a working prototype using a no-code and low-code tool, Make, demonstrating its impressive capabilities in reducing the time required for integrating multiple tools. Quicker turnaround time and agility is the key to implementing digital systems that can accelerate the digital transformation initiatives of any organization.

Redmine ticket
The support ticket created in Redmine



The Integration Process

Dialog in Mattermost with Make

The integration journey began with creating a custom command in Mattermost, allowing users to trigger an interactive dialogue popup using Make. Once the user fills out the necessary details and submits the form, another Make scenario is initiated, seamlessly connecting with Redmine to generate a new ticket. 

Mattermost Redmine Integration

Notifications are then dispatched to the relevant IT Admins, keeping them updated on the new ticket while providing the ticket's link to the user who requested it.

The Benefits of Collaboration Tool and Issue-Tracking System Integration

  1. Enhanced Communication: Integrating Mattermost with Redmine facilitates real-time communication, enabling employees to raise tickets and receive updates without leaving the collaboration platform.
  2. Streamlined Workflow: The seamless flow of information between Mattermost and Redmine, specifically reminders and playbooks, streamline the ticket-raising process, improving response times and issue resolution.
  3. Increased Productivity: By centralizing tasks within a single platform, employees can perform various organizational activities without switching between multiple tools, boosting overall productivity.

While the IT Support System is an excellent example of the power of such integrations, the possibilities are boundless. The same use case can be replicated with Slack and other issue-tracking systems like Jira or Trello, adapting the solution to suit the unique needs of different organizations.

Taking Integration to the Next Level

Integrating AI-powered solutions like ChatGPT or DialogFlow into Mattermost opens up new possibilities. Employees can interact with Generative AI to receive information or have context-aware conversations with internal or external systems, significantly enriching the user experience and driving productivity.

At Zyxware Technologies, we are dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of technology to drive productivity and achieve their goals. If you want to see a demo of our integrated solutions or learn more about how Mattermost can transform your workflows, contact us today!

Remember, the possibilities are limitless, and with the right integration strategy, your organization can achieve new heights of success. Embrace the future of collaboration and experience the benefits firsthand!