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In this digital age, how does a media organization effectively manage the massive volume of images, graphics, videos and photographs that it gets access to every single day? This inevitably throws up a whole lot of questions.Does the company have a copyright for a particular image? Does the company give image credits? How can the organization know who is tracking the image and how many times it has been already used? Quite often, companies use the time-consuming and laborious method of making calls to determine the answer to these questions. Needless to say, it's an absolute waste of effort and resources.
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What is htaccess ? The .htaccess file in Drupal is Powerful configuration file for web server. The .htaccess file loaded and executed when Apache server starts. .htaccess file in Drupal is used for varied functionalities such as Authentication, Redirect pages, Rewrite URL ,Directory Index and Limit access etc.
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The technical content posted on is being managed and reviewed by a team called the Tech Content Team (TCT) and all the content that gets published goes through a TCT review process. Please find below the TCT initial review checklist that is used for the initial check on articles before they are accepted into the TCT workflow.