Powerful tips to create a successful & effective B2B social media strategy
BY Moses Raymond
5 years ago
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If you are the Social Media Manager for a B2B company, you are probably in search of a strategy that will engage your users and turn them into loyal followers and give your organization long-term success. Using Social Media Marketing has long been the domain of B2C companies while B2B companies have been sceptical about its effectiveness as a potent weapon, especially in the longer run.

In order to build an effective and workable B2B Social Media Strategy, you can consider focusing on the following points:

Have defined objectives: As a Social media manager, it is vital that your focus on the main objectives that need to be achieved is unwavering. If you have limited time at your disposal, ensure that you do not digress because of continuous influx of info and data. Make it a habit to bookmark information you have found useful and ensure you browse through it later during the day. This is the only way you can contribute to the social media community and reap rich rewards in the long run.

Communicate regularly and sensibly: Your tweets and posts are bound to generate responses and it is absolutely essential that you respond to them by sending a one line acknowledgement. Remember, your responses will be read by other readers and followers too, and this could generate a lot of traffic if you take care while replying. Be sensitive to gender, religion etc. and ensure you do not ruffle any feathers, thus upsetting your focus.

Be different:You would surely respond to this one with “easier said than done” but if you need to stand out amongst the humungous number of Social media Marketers, you shall need to generate an active network, use good quality content and of course, participate on a consistent basis.

Stay committed:There would be times when your strategy may not produce the desired results, leading to dimmed focus and wavering confidence about the path. Make sure you stay committed to your strategy in difficult times and the rewards are bound to show up.The web is populated with many success stories and case studies and you can surely use them as a guide to steer you through troubled waters whenever you encounter them.

Use the social media as an engagement channel since your B2B social media strategy will generate lots of leads and promote dialogue with decision makers and door-keepers of your target organizations. Sales may not be a direct outcome of your strategy as you shall need to understand that B2B sales involves multi-layered approvals, cost scrutiny etc. Thus the decision making process may be delayed.

If you incorporate the above points in your B2B social media strategy, you are bound to generate highly effective and positive results. You can blow the myth of B2B companies not being effective social media marketers by tweaking your plan to create a great list of followers and ensuring their participation too, thus creating a popular and respected brand.

Reach out to us at Zyxware and partner with us to create a highly successful, customized and easy-to-implement social media marketing strategy for your organization. Our clients have benefited a lot from our insights and you won’t be an exception for sure.

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