How visual content dramatically improves Digital marketing

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The astounding growth of social media networks and the use of tablets and smart phone along with cheaper data and accessibility to high-speed networks has helped to generate a huge demand for visual content. The use of visual content in Digital Marketing has grown tremendously which reiterates the fact that if you are looking to create amazing and high-impact content, it needs to be in the visual form.

As visual content is processed much faster than text by our brain (about 60000 times faster!!!!) and more than 65% of human beings are visual learners, it is obvious that we are on the right path by moving from a text-based world to a visual one. And with our attention span decreasing from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2014, the inclusion of visual content in your Digital marketing will ensure that you are addressing your target audience in the best possible way.

A few cases in example can be seen from the success of Instagram and Pinterest. While Instagram has crossed 130 million users and hosts a staggering 16 billion photographs, Pinterest managed to increase its visitors by more than 1000% in just a year of its launch.

Your USP can be projected in an impactful manner when visual content forms a major part of your digital marketing campaign, giving you the opportunity to display a bird's eye-view to your potential customer and fostering his interest in your brand.

The use of the following three major types of visual content is highly recommended to ensure that your marketing campaign culminates into widespread success:

  • Infographics
  • Video and motion graphics
  • Presentation

There are a few potent reasons why you should include visual content in your Digital marketing campaign, and they are:

Social Media: The use of visual content on your social media pages will help you generate higher referral traffic, as demonstrated by the likes to photos on Facebook or Pinterest.

Ability to Engage: With people more than unwilling to spend time reading text, videos or photos have become the latest mantra to keep your audience connected through great visuals, interactive videos and some exciting infographics. You can connect to your target audience by mixing up content with visuals, while allowing easy reading and better understanding.

Increased mobile usage: More and more people are streaming videos and looking up visual content on their smartphones, which definitely points towards the importance of creating quality visuals for connecting your product to the specific audience your product needs.

The growth of visual content has also promoted the development of newer and better tools to help create content marketing like:

Canva: This wonderful tool is a great one when it comes to creating online graphics like collages, Facebook cover pictures, PPT slides, blog images and much more.

FanPage Karma: You will need a tool to understand your social media action as compared to competition and FanPage Karma does the same and more by tracking metrics like fan following, ratios of fans followed to followers and engagement level too.

CircleCount: The Google+ numbers are not easy to decipher and the use of CircleCount will help you to track your own Google+ account as well as your competitors.

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