Things you should include in a small business website

By ajay | 15th January 2015 | 2 min read

Quite often, people complain that their website is not bringing any positive results. This is mainly because your visitors are not satisfied with your website, especially with the content and design.People who visit your company’s website expect to find certain important details about your company. Customers will not be satisfied if they don’t find the information they are looking for.

As you know, customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business. Listed below are the essential elements in website that you need to include:

Your Unique Story:Customers want to know who you are. Hence, introduce yourself and your company in the best possible way which convinces the customer and motivates him to choose you rather than your competitors. In this section, provide the customer a compelling insight into your expertise and specialized skills that sets you apart from the crowd. Do keep it brief.

What You Offer:A list of the products and services with details should be included in your website. Provide comprehensive details of the products and services offered by the company, preferably in the homepage. In case there is a lot of content, you can use a separate page.

Contact Details:This is an absolute necessity if you are expecting inbound queries. While some customers may prefer telephonic conversations, others might like emails or even dropping by at your office. Make sure they know how to contact you through their preferred method. You can even use skype, whatsapp, facebook etc for establishing contact with your customers.

Easy Navigation:Your website should also have an option to search for content and an easy to navigate framework.

Process Guidance:Customers should be made aware of each step in the business process. Mention policies regarding shipping, returns, troubleshooting etc. Explain how complaints and suggestions are handled.

Third Party Validations:Testimonials, awards and recognitions, client list, case studies etc are very useful in creating a good impression on the visitors. This also helps in building trust and reliability among the clients.

Personalization Elements:Add personalized elements to your website such as special offers, discounts, contests etc. An image gallery that showcases the happenings and celebrations in the office can be shared on the website. Besides, the website should have a persona that reflects the organization.

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