How Content marketing & SEO work together

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For all digital marketing teams and their leaders, the challenge of blending two of the most important disciplines i.e. SEO and Content Marketing is hugely critical and needs sustained efforts to lead to success. The perfect blend of content planning and it's promotion is the key to the triumph of a marketing campaign. While the debate of SEO v/s Content Marketing rages on, it needs to be reiterated here that it is a myth that both these disciplines can be pitted against each other as both can and need to work together for any marketing campaign to reach its pinnacle.

The basics of SEO are absolutely necessary to be tackled in order to produce content marketing that is successful and easy to implement. Both these terms cannot be split or driven apart for as Lee Odden of Toprank Marketing puts it very simply that “ SEO is the mayonnaise which the content marketing plan i.e. the sandwich, must have to enhance its flavour. The mayo though, on its own, is not very appetizing”. Let us look at the ways SEO and Content marketing are different from each other:

  • Content Marketing is more complete and is broader in a sense
  • SEO is narrow and can be termed as being more specific

Yet in more than one ways, Content Marketing and SEO are bound to converge at a single point, let see how:

  • The application of SEO can be done by channelling it's defined technical actions into content marketing.
  • While the above is true, the success of content marketing is entirely dependent on the application of SEO in its execution.

With SEO and Content Marketing working together to establish success for a well-designed Marketing plan, it is really no wonder that one simply cannot complete its existence without the other. Content marketing is the medium for SEO to fulfil its demands and thus complement each other at every stage of the project. No marketing plan is complete without competent utilization of SEO and no SEO campaign can be implemented without content marketing.

A sure-fire formula towards achieving success can be derived by weaving an SEO plan into your content marketing strategy and that can be done by:

  • Knowing what your prospective customer needs, and providing it to them
  • Giving your prospects reason and rewards for prompt action like offering a special price
  • Communicating with your buyer/prospect even after he or she gravitates from your site using retargeting lists

A few takeaways as we wrap this up:

  • Do not invest in content marketing without SEO as you will then publish content that has no takers and will stunt your success story before it takes wings.
  • If high quality content is employed during a marketing campaign, you are assured of a longer-lasting one that goes on and on, leading to ever-increasing leads and sales and of course, sustained traffic to your website.
  • The longevity and sustenance of SEO and content marketing is automatically leveraged when proper content promotion and planning is ensured.

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