How to develop a winning content marketing strategy
BY Utpala Biswas
5 years ago
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It is true that money can’t buy everything. Had it not been so, so many small investors would have become sales giants in such a short span of time. However, implementing innovative content marketing strategies can lead to accelerated growth, turning businesses to trusted brands.

The entire global business landscape has got a face lift ever since content marketing was introduced. The method of developing and distributing valuable content with an objective to attract, engage and retain customers for better conversions is called content marketing.

So let’s see how to get a winning edge through effective content marketing techniques:

Make your mark with value rather than volume:

It is true that online marketing provides a platform for everyone to showcase their products. But on the hind side, it is equally crowded and noisy with everyone trying to sell their product. So what can be done to stand out in the crowd? The answer is value over volume.

Most of the websites use the digital space to write long stories about their brand. And this is where they go wrong. Try to be brief and to the point when it comes to the content. Focus more on what the customer want from the website and how fast can you make it available to them. Emphasis should be on engaging the customers rather than selling. This will help in retaining the customer and build brand loyalty.

Better customer relationship management rather than links:

Developing links is crucial to online business. However it is more important to emphasize on developing relationship rather than link building. Having a long term customer relationship will eventually lead to more valuable link build ups.

The best content marketing techniques helps to categorize customers in different segments for example women who like to shop fresh products and female who like to shop during sale. After identifying the various categories like this, it becomes easier for the marketers to plan how to engage them for a long term relationship.It is also important to identify which customer reacts to which particular marketing device. For example some customers respond more to a mobile sms while other may be roped in through an e-mailer. Some respond to discounts while some like to make use of free vouchers. So these are some of the factors that help the online marketer to tab the pulse of the customer.

Right use of social media:

Social media has been a great platform for businesses to flourish over the last few years. It helps to retain active engagement with the customers on a regular basis through frequent updating and sharing content. It is a very effective content marketing tool. However, the cutting edge will only be achieved through relevant information that helps your brand as well as your customers. Each and every link, image or video that you share should guide the customers to what they want and help them to achieve it through your website. Before sharing anything on social media ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want to share it? How should you share it? And when should you share it?

An effective online content marketing strategy is the one that differentiates between value and junk to achieve the overall marketing objective by getting that extra edge.

Our digital marketing experts at Zyxware help you build your brand through our organic search methodology, placing you in a position of continued growth. With develop our content strategy to align with your business objectives, improving credibility and giving you a strong edge over your competitors. So, get in touch with us and leverage the power of Digital marketing to scale the growth curve.

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