Top 5 CMS Features That Must Be Integrated with Enterprise Applications

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CMS for Enterprise

In the current digital content-driven world, customers want reliability, loyalty, and consistency. Due to which it is imperative to choose a highly operative CMS (Content Management System) for your enterprise that can provide a remarkable digital experience across various channels, devices, and platforms. Apart from its essential potential, many intriguing features of an enterprise CMS automatically index the updated content. As per a recent survey, the global CMS market share will reach $123.5 billion in revenue by 2026. Also, 43.6% of websites use a custom-made CMS such as Drupal.

Enterprise content management system (ECMS) goes beyond the concept of content management. It adds a timeline for every piece of content and possibly carries out processes for the formation, recommendation, and proper distribution. ECM operating systems generally provide a safe depot for managed items, whether digital or analogue, for indexing. They have one or more processes for importing content to include new items under management and many presentation procedures to utilise these items.

All enterprises, small or big, must start being dependent on an enterprise-ready CMS right off without more ado. Though every enterprise is different and so is their need, but at its core, some standard features help all. So, what are those features? Let’s find out the top 5 CMS features that you must incorporate in your enterprise functioning to keep your organisation in fine fettle!

Let’s dive in!



1. Omnichannel Content Distribution

An enterprise has to create and manage content for eCommerce stores, multiple websites, marketing campaigns etc., all simultaneously.

Your CMS must work more than just providing content on a single, static channel or website in this scenario. You require an enterprise CMS that smoothly incorporates all of your mobile apps, social media platforms, chatbots, IoT gadgets, and other so far unknown technologies where your content can be presented.

A multi-manager enterprise CMS is especially beneficial for enabling omnichannel enterprises with a flexible framework that makes content creation, optimisation, re-use, and distribution seamless.

2. Multilingual Support to Boost Traffic

As we’re losing the difference between 

the domestic and global markets, most companies are now addressing an international audience. If not now, they indeed have plans to cross-work globally in the future. So, it is vital to have a global content operating model that can provide information to your site visitors in their native language.

Make sure your CMS platform has up to the minute multilingual features like Translation Management and Automatic Time Conversion with the potential to customise URLs fully. It’ll be an add on if your CMS supports more translations than your current requirement and guarantees that the user experience stays steady even when the language has switched.

3. Seamlessly Upgradable and Future Proofed

It’s highly beneficial to opt for constantly evolving new technologies and features the earliest possible. It helps you to win over your competitors and also to stand out from the crowd. 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for it. In addition, even some leading CMS experts keep launching new versions of their software that the user could not upgrade to due to discontinuity and not having support, causing those businesses to dawdle on their competitors who had an impeccable upgrade from another salesperson. So, it is wise to adopt the new version of the software immediately and hire a CMS development company with software that is always easily upgraded.



4. All-Inclusive Analytics

Analysing your site’s data can give you the ultimate strategy for your content marketing. Tracking engagement and monitoring your content performance helps you in getting critical insight into your target audience. Metrics establish performance benchmarking for content. They also help in creating an effective content marketing strategy.

Your CMS must provide default analytics or incorporate popular analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, so that you become capable of tracking your site’s performance easily from your dashboard.

With detailed analytics, you’ll get to know your audience thoroughly, like where they live, what gadgets they’re using, how they reached your site, via which channel they’re interacting with you, and which items of content they consume the most. That’s why 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for it. You can utilise these insights to create user-friendly experiences for customers to influence their buying decisions. Also, customer experiences can be improved through personalisation.

5. Excellent Performance and Scalability 

One of the main criteria for improving your website’s performance and scalability is Caching. You’ve one of the best CMS if it provides multiple levels of caching, and every level is quickly and entirely customisable. Higher performance is attained by taking the help of web farm support. 

Suppose you have more performance requirements available on request. In that case, you must search for a CMS capable of working in a cloud environment. In any situation, ask your chosen content management system salesperson to offer you a performance chart and some existing live instances of high-performance, scalable websites.

Final Words

As per your business goals, vision and mission, one needs to choose the right enterprise CMS. But the above five best features are fundamental to ensure the excellent performance of any website. There are many features available, but with the combination of relevant features, you can create quality content that can increase audience engagement and revenue.

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