Key Features of Drupal That Make It Attractive for Online Business

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A Drupal website is extremely dynamic in nature and can be used for a variety of applications that will assist you in connecting to your target audience and help you sell your products on the web. Drupal is one of the most efficient tools that is available for online content management. Due to its flexible infrastructure and rapid loading, Drupal is a preferred choice from amongst Web development platforms.

Key features of Drupal

The best features of Drupal are:



Content Management

Editing, publishing, and systematizing content is a straightforward task for non-technical individuals when using a Drupal website. Limited access can be assigned to users according to their roles, ensuring adherence to content standards. Drupal is adept at digitizing the content publishing workflow followed by marketing and communication teams, making it easier for them to adhere to best practices in content publishing.

Community support

The Drupal platform is a user-developer friendly platform and is quite helpful to the community members who often co-relate with each other for various issues. Plug-ins/modules and innovative features are brought in regularly to keep the system dynamic and accommodating for its users. Its large user community ensures that this PHP based platform keeps updating and improving by the minute.


The Drupal module is extremely easy to customize as per your needs and has no special requirements for making any alterations needed in its web design or web layout.


Modern practice is to use CMS as part of a larger marketing technology (MarTech) eco system rather than using it as a standalone product. With its capability of integrating with internal systems, external systems and no code/low code tools, Many large organizations use Drupal as a building block for their Digital Experience Platform.

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