Drupal 8: Opening a world of possibilities for Enterprise marketers

| | 3 min read

It’s been almost two and a half years since the launch of Drupal 7 and it has proved it's reputation as a reliable and stable platform that is being ably supported by some brilliant function expanding modules. Without resting on its past laurels, Drupal has decided to launch its latest version, the much awaited CMS, Drupal 8. With a fascinating array of features and improvements, Drupal offers a world of possibilities for developers, site builders, themers and marketers.

Marketers will be keenly awaiting the unveiling of Drupal 8 as this enterprise-ready platform has some spanking new features and increased suitability for enterprise business. Drupal 8 is replete with features that are trend-setting and technology-ready for today’s market. This brand new avatar of Drupal hosts numerous business benefits for Enterprise marketers:

Complete focus on performance: The introduction of Symfony2 framework in Drupal 8 has brought in higher scalability and better performance, and with this it has identified itself as a true enterprise-level CMS. Symfony is an object-oriented framework that is more scalable and easy to maintain, and since it is designed to load only the necessary resources, it allows quicker page-loading than ever before.

Geared up for the present and future too: An online marketer is always focused on delivering targeted content, which makes factors such as gender of user, location and audience segment extremely critical for success. Drupal 8 has ramped up its architecture and made it a model CMS for creation of perfectly segmented content.The sheer variety of devices being used for accessing a website has increased over a period of time. This has made it further clear that website content too is bound to differ depending on the device used. Thankfully, Drupal 8 has been far-sighted and made the necessary provisions to keep up with the latest technologies and future ones too.

Mobile-ready: Drupal 8 is programmed to be equipped for responsive display and is conveniently ready to access the back-end from the mobile itself, so that any administrative changes can be easily made. While the prediction of desktops dying out may not come true immediately, it is no secret that smart phones and tablets are the devices to be focused on. Drupal 8 is mobile-ready i.e. it's core is already equipped with mobile-ready technology to take on any challenges the present and future may throw at it.

Integration at its best: With web developers looking for one single tool to manage all their development needs, Drupal 8 is making its presence felt at the most opportune moment by providing an all-in-one web management tool. You need not use separate tools anymore for content distribution, email marketing, analytics and CRM, as Drupal 8 has clearly focused on integration of multiple platforms into one.

As an enterprise marketer, you would want to divert your resources and funds towards important resources and move to an open-source CMS than paying for software that needs large licensing fees and chains you to its usage. Drupal 8 has its finger on the industry pulse and is all set to change a lot of perceptions about an open-source CMS. Get in touch with Zyxware to know more about our Drupal development services and give your enterprise marketing it's much-needed edge.