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| 6 min read
The way Drupal manages translation have been advancing over several versions. Drupal requires the combination of core & contributed modules to make a site multi-lingual. We will be using Drupal 7's content translation method. One challenge you will be facing is to translate the content into the languages needed. There are lots of tools available for this online like google's translate. Using this method, for example, Arabic node will hold all Arabic values and English node will hold all the English values.
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When a server is managed by more than one admin, it’s always a challenge to keep track of the changes made to the configuration. And when in a multiserver environment managed by more than one admin, this is going to be more complex. It would have been much saner if there was a utility to handle all this. The ones that we found were quite complicated and was made for handling huge numbers. All we wanted was a very simple utility to do just the job, without much bells and whistles. And so, we started out on our own. Here’s what we have now.