M-Commerce: Fueling the growth of small and medium enterprises

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyday life. The tremendous advancements in mobile technology are transforming lives, helping to create new businesses and changing the way we communicate, work, earn, and spend. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have taken advantage of the Internet, resulting in an enormous increase in sales and business activities. Today, sales made over the internet represent a massive proportion of overall commercial sales. The key to creating the best mobile commerce or m-commerce experience is to innovate and provide consistent, connected experiences over the smartphone that give customers sufficient information to make a purchase decision.

The small and medium scale enterprises cover a broad spectrum of industry verticals. Indigenous cottage industries and small-scale industries such as export and tourism benefit from mobile e-commerce. The fast growth of mobile e- commerce stems from the cost advantage of mobile infrastructure over fixed-line installation. Even in rural areas dealing with problems with power outage, m-commerce has an upper hand. A mobile smartphone gives all the benefits of a PC minus the cost to connect to a multitude of networked resources.

The key benefits of m-commerce are:

  • Cost advantage from a consumer perspective as compared to price of laptops.
  • Multi-utility functionality of smartphones like geolocation can be exploited to give a better consumer experience.
  • Location independence and time independence (whether during working hours or different time zone) giving a 24/7 worldwide exposure to the organization.
  • The only prerequisite for an e-commerce business is a well–designed website to reach customers, with the infrastructure expense eliminated to provide a higher profit margin.
  • Another advantage provided by m-commerce is that it allows better and quicker customer service that can save both time and money.
  • Adding other services such as tracking services adds to better levels of customer satisfaction with minimal effort.

Company websites are constantly on the lookout for new tools to manage their content, as well as track and improve their consumers’ digital experiences. Building a Drupal-based website with a mobile-friendly approach would ensure a better customer experience.

The core benefits of Drupal websites for SMEs are:

  • Cottage and small scale industries can have international exposure with better pricing (without the middle man) and product availability to a wider circle.
  • Secure websites that can be scaled as the organization grows.
  • Language translation capabilities that will further widen the circle of coverage.
  • Increased productivity and marketing using Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimized websites

The challenge will be to understand the business products, customer base, how the supply chain works and other related business issues. Having seen the huge impact m-commerce has on SME, Zyxware Technologies can help you have that distinct edge over competition with a Drupal-powered mobile friendly website. Zyxware technology has the experience of close to a decade working with different industry verticals. To know more about our Drupal development services, please get in touch with us .



Mobile commerce offers SMEs a wealth of untapped business opportunities