Drupal 11: The Future Looks Composable and User-Friendly

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While the release date for Drupal 11 remains unannounced, its outlined strategy, known as "Composable Core,"1 aims to redefine the landscape for CMS platforms. Specifically targeting ambitious site builders, the plan is organized around three critical focus areas: 

  1. Enhancing site builder tools, 
  2. Streamlining content editing and 
  3. Simplifying upgrades and maintenance. 

Below are the key initiatives and updates to look forward to.

A. Streamlined Tools for Ambitious Site Builders



1) Project Browser Initiative: A Leap in Module Discovery


The Project Browser Initiative aims to simplify the discovery and installation of modules. It is designed to offer high-quality module recommendations and a one-click installation, thereby shortening the learning curve and enabling more people to harness Drupal's full potential.

2) Starter Templates: The Evolution of Drupal Distributions

These are not just distributions but "Recipes" designed to reduce initial setup time. Starter Templates aim to be more straightforward and easier to maintain, significantly lowering the entry barrier for new Drupal users.

3) Enhanced Administrative Interface

Improvements are also expected in the administrative interface of Drupal, specifically in Field UI and administrative navigation. These enhancements will improve the overall user experience, making it easier to manage content.



B. Empowering Content Editors

4) Layout Builder and Modern Page Tools

Drupal 11 is committed to enhancing the Layout Builder, which will make page creation and editing more intuitive. The updates aim to incorporate modern page building tools while preserving Drupal's strength in structured content.

C. Hassle-Free Upgrades and Maintenance

5) Automated Updates: A Paradigm Shift

Automated Updates will minimize the time and specialized knowledge needed for maintenance. Security patches and updates for Core and contributed modules will be automatically applied, ensuring affordability and reducing complexity.

6) GitLab Initiative: A New Era of Developer Collaboration

Drupal 11 plans to integrate robust development tools through the GitLab Initiative. This initiative will enhance developer collaboration and is an essential step in Drupal's focused direction for community involvement and technological innovation.

7) The Great Module Migration: Leaner Core, Focused Innovation

In a bid to streamline its core, Drupal 11 will initiate "The Great Module Migration," targeting a core size reduction of about 20%. This move is designed to allocate more resources for targeted innovations.


The updated strategy for Drupal 11 is ambitious and grounded in real needs and emerging trends. With its focus on serving ambitious site builders, enhancing content editing capabilities, and making upgrades and maintenance more straightforward, Drupal 11 is set to be a game-changer. If you're considering Drupal migration, our Drupal migration services can help you make the most of these exciting advancements.

(The primary sources for this article are the latest Dries Notes and the article titled A plan for Drupal 11 and An Updated Plan for Drupal 11.)