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Over the years, the use of mobile devices have grown manifold, and people no longer use mobiles only to make and receive calls. In fact, mobile shopping has become a common phenomena for the modern shopper. The mobile has become man’s constant and reliable companion and assists us in many tasks, and consequently, the number of applications and functions on a smartphone have also increased.
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Bootstrap twitter is includes a responsive, mobile or tablet first fluid grid system that ... it is styling on small and medium devices but also on large devices if a .col-lg-* class is not present. My company has a lot of free Drupal themes developed. But there is a problem i.e these are not responsive. So we started to change this themes in responsive and For that we suggest the new bootstrap framework for responsive. We success fully converted the plane html code in to bootstrap grid format.
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Responsive web design is a new technique for building websites that work on tablets, desktop screens and mobile devices. websites were typically designed for desktop and laptop screen resolutions. This worked well until the advent of web supported tablets and smart phones. Responsive Web Design is a new concept which leads to design an application or website in such a way that the same design can be rendered in various devices of different orientations and screen sizes providing the users with the super possible user experience, if not similar.
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Ever since we have used computer, all might have heard of command line tool. Most commonly called bash. Command line is capable of taking input and outputting its results from and to computer. One of the features command line offers is it lets the users to create their own instructions. In this article we will take a tour through the steps on creating our own bash command.