Virtual Reality
| 2 min read
Augmented Reality(AR) is a technology that superimposes a digital image on a user’s view of the real world. With the help of advanced AR technologies, the information about the surrounding environment of a user becomes interactive. As interesting as it sounds, the applications of AR are equally exciting.
Drupal Commerce
| 4 min read
If you are looking for a real personalized shopping experience where there are no sales persons to bother you and you have an unlimited range of products lined up before you, log on to the top shopping websites from your mobile phone and shop till you drop. A few years back this would have been unimaginable as shopping websites were few and could be accessed only from a PC or a laptop.
Ecommerce Portals
| 5 min read
Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to any type of business transaction i.e. purchase and sale of goods or services performed via the Internet or any other electronic channel. Over the past few years, Electronic commerce has rapidly expanded owing to the convenience and affordability it offers.