Build a Responsive Mobile Commerce Website & Deliver a Fabulous Shopping Experience!

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Thanks to the tremendous advancement in technology, today we can shop, pay our bills, book tickets and transfer funds through our mobile phones. Now we don’t have to pull out our laptop and wait for it to open in order to make purchases or pay bills, do we? Life has become much easier and quicker; you could say that now we have the world at our finger tips!

Although m-commerce is gaining popularity when compared to e-commerce, mobile commerce seems to be developing only at a gradual pace. It is not because users don’t prefer m-commerce. This is mostly due to another reason - booking a train ticket or making any kind of online cash transaction is comparatively quicker when it is done through devices like a pc or a laptop instead of a mobile phone.

The reason is that websites and mobile apps of most companies are too ancient to accommodate the m-commerce technology. So, how do some companies have a smoothly operating m-commerce system?

The answer: All or most of them have a very functional responsive web design.

Responsive web design

A responsive website design adjusts itself to suit the screen size of the device in which it is being viewed on. A responsive web design is a convenience for your customers who visit your website from a smart phone or mobile device. A responsive website design will help your online business to provide the best mobile user experience for your customers. In addition, it offers you a whole lot of benefits because you don’t have to build different websites for different platforms and saves you a significant amount of money.

A content management system like Drupal allows developers to build flexible, fast and secure responsive websites and mobile apps which ensure the best m-commerce experience for customers.

Drupal and mobile-first approach

Drupal, has a mobile-first architecture, which means it is equipped with mobile-friendly themes and modules that allow your website to blend into any device. Drupal’s breakpoint module and responsive image module lets your website and its images change without any disruptions to suit the various screen sizes. Moreover, Drupal powered sites are very fast to load and is speedy on every smart device, including mobile phones.

Get a mobile-first web design with robust yet interactive mobile applications to improve mobile usability and to deliver a user- friendly experience to your customers.

At Zyxware, we aspire to provide Drupal-based responsive website designs that meet every business goal and ensure a smooth m-commerce support for your customers. If you are keen to know more about our Drupal website development services or want to build a mobile-friendly ecommerce website on Drupal 8, please get in touch with us.


The importance of responsive web design for ecommerce and mcommerce