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Over the years, the use of mobile devices have grown manifold, and people no longer use mobiles only to make and receive calls. In fact, mobile shopping has become a common phenomena for the modern shopper. The mobile has become man’s constant and reliable companion and assists us in many tasks, and consequently, the number of applications and functions on a smartphone have also increased.

If your ecommerce business has to match up to your customer’s expectations, it is necessary that your online store is mobile ready. Studies and surveys have shown that the use of PCs and laptops for shopping has significantly reduced, and smart devices like the mobile phone or tablets has overtaken it by a comfortable margin. Customers browse through products while on the move and make shopping decisions while waiting for friends or for clients. This underlines the immediate need to make your ecommerce store mobile-friendly and move a step ahead of your competition.

Most ecommerce business owners perceive mobile-ready websites to be expensive propositions and hence do not take the extremely critical step towards making it the next level shopping experience for customers.

Let us look at a few simple yet critical steps towards building a mobile friendly ecommerce store:

Apply the Mobile-first strategy: This will give you the necessary edge over your competitors and also give your customer a wider access to your products and services. By ensuring that navigation is easy and your website design works seamlessly on the mobile device, you can be sure of being mobile-ready. The check-out process also needs to be easy and quick.

Understanding ecommerce as a business: High-quality images and smartly worded descriptions of your products and services will surely attract your customers. No one would want to see blurry or bad quality images and muddled-up product descriptions. Details about product costs, shipping charges, delivery expectations, product warranties etc. have to be clearly outlined so that there is no ambiguity. For example, offering free delivery of products if the purchase exceeds a certain value will attract more customers and repeat ones too.

Loading speed is critical: ecommerce solutions or hosted service optimized for high speeds is recommended, especially for smaller businesses. There is no greater loss than losing a customer due to slow loading of images and data or if the checkout takes an inordinately longer time.

Match the right tools for your website: You can use a hosted platform with responsive design for your online store or website as this will facilitate processing of credit card payment extremely easy. If you are using Word Press, secure processing of payment is essential.

Engaging customers with social media: Social media has already found favour amongst large and small businesses and you can use it to your advantage as a supporting channel to increase sales and engage with potential clients.

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