India rides the m-commerce wave: Drupal gives a new high

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India as a mobile market has evolved at a tremendous rate and has become a pretty prominent market for smartphones. Since mobile phones have invaded personal space in a big way, it is really no wonder that retailers have quickly sensed this opportunity and have made the right moves to grab attention.

The mobile commerce revolution in India has prompted quite a few e-commerce companies to transition to mobile-only sites. Whether this step will prove to be in the right direction is yet to be seen, but the writing is clearly on the wall for non-mobile e-commerce sites. The average mobile user in India spends more and more time on apps than making or receiving calls. According to the data collected by technology analyst, Mary Meeker, in her latest Internet Trends report, 65% of Internet traffic in India was accessed through mobile phones while 41% of Indians who shopped online used their mobile phones to do so. Amongst the major economies, India led these figures, even ahead of China and the U.S. In 2014, India added 63 million first-time Internet users, which is a 37% increase from 2013.

India has become THE market to target and many countries are showing greater interest in developing business here. Apps have become a preferred way to shop and browse through thousands of products while on the go.

Drupal takes over: It's time for a change!

If your e-commerce business has not yet made the much-needed change to a mobile-friendly website, it is time to make the switch and Drupal is here to assist you. No marketer, advertiser, or corporate can survive in this highly competitive world of e-commerce business without changing over, and Drupal CMS is easily an extremely powerful and easy-to-manage open-source platform.

Why Drupal?

Truly responsive web design: A responsive web design built on Drupal is not dependent on the size of the display and delivers a power-packed viewing experience and supports easy navigational functions. Media queries that work in real-time are instrumental in updating style sheets. It is also capable of adding heavier graphics when it detects a bigger screen display.

Smartphone Applications: Drupal allows mobile app building in lesser time and in a much less confusing manner. Drupal Gap, a native open-source mobile app kit, is used in Drupal websites; it facilitates the creation of Drupal mobile apps which connects to the website.

Data retrieval using web services: The simplest and most hassle-free manner to recover data is by use of native apps to connect the Drupal website through web services.

With mobiles ruling the airwaves more than ever and the average Indian buyer translating his/her non-productive time into app browsing on the mobile, it is time to build a truly mobile-friendly website for your business. Zyxware has fortified its knowledge banks with all the necessary technology that will help you take the step into next-level m-commerce sites. So, Call us today for more information on our Drupal website development services and join the e-commerce revolution sweeping across India.


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