Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is the defining feature of this era. If you want your business enterprise to establish its online presence and take full advantage of the latest digital technology you need Drupal for your web development needs. Drupal is a content management system that provides the back-end framework for 13% of the top 10,000 websites worldwide and is extensively used by corporations, governments, and businesses looking to ensure a fast and smooth user experience on their websites for an enhanced and integrated user engagement experience. Transform your Digital Presence with Drupal Drupal is the go-to choice for corporations, educational institutes, governments, and many more entities looking to build their online presence.
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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses had a taste of what the future would look like. With platform-based services and related ecosystems taking over the world and our way of life, there has been little doubt about what business enterprises needed to do to keep up with the changing times. After the pandemic disrupted the normal way of life and businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and government departments alike had to look for digital solutions to carry on functioning, it became quite clear that we are already behind schedule on digital transformation.
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Introduction The client, a European based Food & Beverages giant, wanted to build a direct to consumer business for the first time. They wanted to speak directly and interact directly with their consumers. The project was conceptualised as an omnichannel experience in which the consumers could buy their amazing bespoke and handcrafted products and have them delivered to their homes. The consumer was being given the option to experiment with the flavours and personalise the confectionery as per their taste.
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Digital technologies are reshaping industries and organizations are responding to it by going through their own Digital Transformation journeys. In a general context, Digital Transformation can be defined as the integration of digital technology into the overall business process of an organization to create a radical change in the fundamental business model and the way in which it delivers value to its customers.Some of the key technology enablers for digital transformation are Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, SaaS Platforms, Web Service Integration, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, and Business Process Automation.
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Problem Statement Department of IT and Telecom ​(DITT)​ being the nodal department for IT infrastructure ​had the responsibility of managing the websites of different government entities. While there were many common features to these websites, they were built using different technologies, and therefore, maintenance was difficult costly. In the present case, the 24 websites of the Dzongkhags and Thromdes were developed on different ​technologies with different designs and functionality.
Digtial Trasformation
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Increasingly, we hear the term 'Digital Transformation' in the context of the IT Industry and how it is changing the world around us in ways we could not have anticipated just a few years ago. It is real and it has an impact. However, for many, the term is vaguely understood. While many understand the form that Digital Transformation takes - IoT, AI, Analytics and its technology stack - very few understand the content of the term.
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Electronic health records churn out zillions of patient data bytes, which can transform care delivery. To be successful, organizations must work towards cost containment, stakeholder advantage, process efficiencies, high market worth, and targeted decision making. It is the power of the digital that propels this change towards customer-centric, value-based care. Here are four features, every healthcare organization must consider for successful consumer journeys during their digital strategy.
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Digital transformation is the evolution of business enterprises to fully engage and optimize their operations and functioning to incorporate and fully make use of the potential of digital technology and their influence on society. Digital transformation is industry independent to a large extent and helps implement the business goals, resolve challenges, and increase customer traffic. Digital transformation includes