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M-Commerce: Fueling the growth of small and medium enterprises

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyday life. The tremendous advancements in mobile technology are transforming lives, helping to create new businesses and changing the way we communicate, work, earn, and spend. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have taken advantage of the Internet, resulting in an enormous increase in sales and business activities. Today, sales made over the internet represent a massive proportion of overall commercial sales. The key to creating the best mobile commerce or m-commerce experience is to innovate and provide consistent, connected experiences over the smartphone that give customers sufficient information to make a purchase decision.

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If you are looking for a real personalized shopping experience where there are no sales persons to bother you and you have an unlimited range of products lined up before you, log on to the top shopping websites from your mobile phone and shop till you drop. A few years back this would have been unimaginable as shopping websites were few and could be accessed only from a PC or a laptop.

Highway to future: Trends in Ecommerce in Australia

Australia, like the rest of the world, is poised to take the next step in ecommerce, especially when one considers the voluminous amount being spent online. A large majority of the Australian population is privileged to have access to high-speed Internet. Internet has become the most convenient way to receive information and news or go shopping, and Australian businesses are increasingly using it to engage its potential and existing customers.

Towards the future: Biggest Ecommerce trends in 2016

Ecommerce is evolving at lightning speed and so is the technology that backs it. Recent surveys have pointed out that the dependence on physical purchases for certain products and services will significantly reduce in the coming years, and by 2018, 50% of the world’s population would be part of the online shopping revolution that is sweeping across the globe.

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Businesses have been approaching their consumers with a new-found confidence ever since mobile commerce or m-commerce revolutionized the way business transactions are carried out. M-commerce is a relatively new concept and can be defined as “Business transactions that are made through or by using a mobile device." In fact, with the rapid surge in the use of mobile devices over the past few years, businesses have made mobile commerce a top priority.

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A decade ago, it would have been really impossible to imagine that you could use your petite mobile phone to shop for products available in different parts of the world. With the advancement in technology, our shopping habits have changed significantly. Today, you can take your own time to browse products without bothering about the pesky salesperson, compare prices, and make a quick and sensible purchase with a single swipe or tap on our mobiles.

Mobile Commerce: Transforming the future of the retail industry

With the convergence of online and offline shopping, mobile commerce is fast replacing desktop-based ecommerce; in fact it is quickly taking over a massive portion of traditional retail shopping. Mobile commerce has empowered customers to a greater extent while giving retailers the opportunity to connect to more potential clients. No wonder, Mobile commerce or m-commerce is truly the future of retail industry and is having a telling effect on the way it will operate during coming years.

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The holiday season is getting closer and that is our excuse to go shopping or rather shop from the convenience of our home or office. The ease and efficiency of Smart phones are encouraging consumers to make use of mobile commerce services to pay their bills, make online purchases, book tickets and conduct banking transactions.

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Over the years, the use of mobile devices have grown manifold, and people no longer use mobiles only to make and receive calls. In fact, mobile shopping has become a common phenomena for the modern shopper. The mobile has become man’s constant and reliable companion and assists us in many tasks, and consequently, the number of applications and functions on a smartphone have also increased.

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Thanks to the tremendous advancement in technology, today we can shop, pay our bills, book tickets and transfer funds through our mobile phones. Now we don’t have to pull out our laptop and wait for it to open in order to make purchases or pay bills, do we? Life has become much easier and quicker; you could say that now we have the world at our finger tips!