Mobile Commerce: Transforming the future of the retail industry

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With the convergence of online and offline shopping, mobile commerce is fast replacing desktop-based ecommerce; in fact it is quickly taking over a massive portion of traditional retail shopping. Mobile commerce has empowered customers to a greater extent while giving retailers the opportunity to connect to more potential clients. No wonder, Mobile commerce or m-commerce is truly the future of retail industry and is having a telling effect on the way it will operate during coming years.

M-commerce: Revolutionizing the retail industry

Client management: A mobile device allows people (read customers) to access the Internet and all modern communication channels. A retailer thus finds it easy to put across information related to his products or services to a potential customer or existing ones too. Building customer relationships has become easier and more effective with the advent of m-commerce.

Personalization at its best: In the past few years, the retail industry has received a shot-in-its-arm with m-commerce coming to the forefront, and this is sure to notch up many more brownie points for the personalization it offers. Imagine getting a personal note from your favourite brand telling you about a new product or an oncoming sale or a new stock of your preferred product. A heightened customer experience is all that the retailer wants, and m-commerce has truly helped to address the related concerns to a great extent.

Customer data analysis: With the mobile being the modern customer’s preferred source of information and transaction, the retail industry has access to numerous data points. The retailer is able to understand a customer’s recent purchase history, transactions etc. which allows for a deeper analysis of customer preference and behaviour.

Set up a mobile-friendly online store using Drupal & reach out to more customers

It has become imperative for the modern retailer to set up a mobile friendly website that will allow Browsing, Researching and Purchasing - the three major activities related to mobile shopping that a customer will indulge in.

Since the mobile is an individual’s constant companion, one can get product information, prices, and choices at the click of a button, and acting on an impulse is now easier. It’s essential that the mobile-friendly website has the latest in technology and this where Drupal steps in. Drupal allows smartphone applications to be built in real quick time and has a truly simplified process mobile app kit that greatly assists this function. Drupal is the perfect partner when building an easy-to-use and completely upgradable mobile website that will support m-commerce applications to the fullest.

A great responsive web design can offer a brilliant viewing experience for the customer. This coupled with some excellent navigational functions makes Drupal the perfect CMS to build a mobile-friendly website. A retail site needs graphics of the top order and there is no better option than Drupal to build its capability.

Drupal has truly found a perfect partner at Zyxware, where technology and perfection meet to give the m-commerce business a winning edge. Get in touch with us to know more about our Drupal development services and ride the m-commerce wave that is sweeping across the globe!


Mobile Commerce Revolution & the Future of Retail

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