Build an m-commerce store with Drupal 8 and reap the rewards!

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A decade ago, it would have been really impossible to imagine that you could use your petite mobile phone to shop for products available in different parts of the world. With the advancement in technology, our shopping habits have changed significantly. Today, you can take your own time to browse products without bothering about the pesky salesperson, compare prices, and make a quick and sensible purchase with a single swipe or tap on our mobiles.

As customers, we look for an effortless and personalized shopping experience, isn’t it? A mobile-friendly online store is what makes it possible. A mobile-optimized online retailer lets customers shop anywhere, at any time, thus maximizing sales and reachability.

Is your e-commerce store mobile-friendly? If not, then here's what you need to do

Talking about reachability, Google’s mobile-friendly ranking algorithm gives a greater boost to mobile-friendly pages in it's search results. This means online marketers can be assured that a mobile friendly e-store will get them more visitors and prospective customers. So, as you see, a mobile friendly e-store is not an option anymore; it has become a necessity for doing better business online.

Improve reachability, increase sales, & maximize revenue with an online store powered by Drupal 8

Drupal, as an open-source CMS, provides numerous features and options for building a dynamic mobile-friendly online store. The latest version, Drupal 8, is even smarter and comes with more modules and tools for mobile web development. Today, some of the largest online stores running on Drupal include Royal mail, Eurocentres, BeExclusive and Zondervan.

Why choose Drupal 8?

  • Drupal 8’s mobile responsive themes are more adaptable and customizable, which simplifies the viewing and navigation of your online store on any mobile device.
  • Drupal commerce has tools to make the checkout route quick and simple, which would be a delight for your shoppers.
  • Drupal websites get better rankings and a mobile-optimized online shop built with Drupal will achieve better rankings on mobile search engine results.
  • Drupal 8 delivers a mobile friendly e-store that has the optimum performance and is quick to load.
  • Drupal’s theme key lets you design themes with the conditions that can be retained for the mobile screen. This tool allows you to get new designs with modifications as per your requirements in the mobile screen.

At Zyxware, our Drupal developers can create mobile friendly online stores that will guarantee a hassle-free and efficient online shopping experience for your customers. If you want to know more about our Drupal development services or are looking for trusted Drupal specialists to build an m-commerce store, please get in touch with us.


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