Go the m-commerce way with Drupal!

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Businesses have been approaching their consumers with a new-found confidence ever since mobile commerce or m-commerce revolutionized the way business transactions are carried out. M-commerce is a relatively new concept and can be defined as “Business transactions that are made through or by using a mobile device." In fact, with the rapid surge in the use of mobile devices over the past few years, businesses have made mobile commerce a top priority.

Here are some of the key benefits of m-commerce for small-scale and large-scale businesses:

Reach out to more customers

Push notifications are the latest method to get in touch with a customer; potential or existing, by delivering notifications to the customer’s mobile. Most users enable the notifications so that they have access to the latest product updates from a particular brand, or business. Thus, businesses are now able to connect to customers in an instant without the restrictions of time and location.



Quick Access

The modern customer is spoilt for choices when it comes to purchasing or shopping, and hence it is important for businesses to offer the consumer a range of communication channels that minimizes response time and dispenses relevant information quickly. M-commerce has bridged this gap effectively and ensures that the consumer is engaged for a longer time, thus increasing the chances of making a purchase or a business transaction.

24 x 7 contact

M-commerce allows the customer to chat live with the customer service team, making him/her feel more empowered. Moreover, it gives a feeling of the seller’s physical presence which in turn helps to build trust in the customer. No more emails and no more waiting as most m-commerce apps have real-time assistance by way of toll-free numbers, one-click calls, and live chat options. The organization is thus assured of better customer interaction and this considerably reduces the chances of losing a customer due to delayed service or action.

Build an e-commerce store with Drupal, improve reachability and increase sales!

There are many organizations/websites that have decided to go the m-commerce way and hence their business websites are mobile-friendly and app-based. Drupal is one of the world’s most popular CMS across the globe and is extremely useful for building a mobile-friendly store which puts your business on the path to maximizing sales.

Drupal’s latest offering, Drupal 10, is completely mobile-focused and gives prominence to the 'Mobile-first' concept, making it the ideal CMS to help your business connect to the mobile customer. Also out of the box, it comes with features like JSON:API which will allow exposing all the content created on the CMS as an API that a mobile application can consume.

Day in, and day out, the number of users who access websites through their mobile devices is growing exponentially and the desktop or laptop user is taking a beating due to this. Focusing on this growing trend makes perfect business sense as it fosters the organization’s growth and maximizes sales.

Zyxware has been at the forefront of Drupal development for a long time and perfectly understands your business needs to help you build a world-class mobile-friendly website and support you through this transition. The mobile-first approach is the need of the hour. So, Call us today to keep your appointment with the future and change the way your valuable customers perceive your organization.


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