Go Mobile This Christmas and Give Your Customers a Fabulous Shopping Experience!

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If you are looking for a real personalized shopping experience where there are no sales persons to bother you and you have an unlimited range of products lined up before you, log on to the top shopping websites from your mobile phone and shop till you drop. A few years back this would have been unimaginable as shopping websites were few and could be accessed only from a PC or a laptop.

Today, you can shop or simply browse through thousands of products while you are at the coffee shop, waiting for your bus or even while at office. Mobile-friendly online stores are ruling the airwaves and are here to stay.

As a business, if you are looking to maximise sales and improve you customer base, make sure your website is optimized for mobile users so your customer can shop whenever he or she is in the mood. As a buyer, just one swipe at the mobile will take you across to the fashion trends of the world or help you zero-in on the latest gadgets in the market.

If your business isn't mobile-ready yet, here are a few simple reasons to take the plunge today

  • A mobile-friendly store is the need of the hour today and not an option anymore and hence, the earlier you do it, the quicker you get across to potential customers. As a result, traffic to your mobile site and your website rankings increases due to Google’s mobile-focused approach. More visitors equals more sales, so do it today!
  • A mobile-friendly store is a sure-shot way to enhance your business reach and scale up your revenue, as there are more options available to your potential customer to browse and shop.
  • With the world gravitating towards mobile-only websites, it’s time to take the next step towards today’s technology and improve sales, reach and revenue.
  • Once you have reached the decision to get mobile-ready, you need to have the best CMS to steer you through these choppy waters. Yes, power your website with Drupal 8 before you ring in the New Year.

Why Drupal?

Customers need quick-loading pages for a hassle-free shopping experience and Drupal provides just that.

Shoppers are happy with mobile sites that offer check-out that’s easy and simple and are more likely to return for more.

Due to Drupal's mobile responsive themes that allow quick customization, navigation and viewing on any mobile device is simple and stress-free.Your website is sure to get better rankings when you choose Drupal as your partner and give you more visitors and potential customers.

We, at Zyxware, have created hassle-free experiences for our clients and if making a transition to a mobile-ready online store is on your mind, we can customize one just for you. Call us today to avail our Drupal development services for building your m-commerce site!


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