Omni-channel retailing: Driving the future of mobile commerce

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The rapid growth of tech-savvy consumers has made omni-channeling an inevitable part of retail success. Omni-channel strategies allows brands to interact completely with a consumer through several channels, improving the customer experience and ultimately ensuring brand awareness and reinforcing customer loyalty.

Omni-channel marketing: Giving your customers a brand new experience

Though omni-channeling has numerous benefits many businesses are still not aware about this new digital marketing strategy. Let me explain the benefits of omni-channeling in simpler terms. Quite often, customers add products to their online shopping carts but do not complete the purchase. By employing omni-channeling strategies, you can remind the customer about the impending purchase the next time he/she gets on the Internet from any device. The reminders can be sent through social media such as Facebook, newsfeeds, or an e-mail.

Sometimes, the tech-savvy consumers shuttle between multiple devices to make a single purchase. An Omni-channeling strategy will ensure that all your channels remain open for your customers to interact with your brand, whether through email, text messaging, social media etc.

In short, Omni-channeling allows marketers to follow their customers and ensure a purchase. It creates a personalized buying experience for your customers and they have the freedom to navigate the whole buying process whereas you, as a seller, assists them in completing the purchase.

Omni-channel opportunities in Drupal 8

Today, a large proportion of customers research products and make purchases through their mobile phones. So one could say that, today omni-channeling happens primarily through mobile phones. However, for mobile omni-channeling, you will need a powerful platform that can create a centralized system to control all your digital marketing channels. Drupal 8 is an unmatched platform that can help companies develop a smooth Omni-channel experience for online customers. It's mobile-first architecture and responsive web design tools will let your web page function smoothly on any smart device. Drupal 8 is the best platform that can scale and would easily house a company’s new objectives.

Drupal 8 is an ideal system for building a service-oriented platform. The data from Drupal 8’s back-end can be transmitted to a front-end application, and this can be utilized to build mobile applications that meet the latest trends in mobile development. For example developers can build a native mobile app or POS in a store.

We, at Zyxware, have been providing Drupal solutions to various enterprises for 9 long years. To know about the latest services and omni-channeling possibilities with Drupal 8, get in touch with us today. Give us a call to know about our Drupal development services and how Drupal helps you overcome the challenges in omni-channeling.


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