Digital Experience

Arizona Government Trasformation Office - Results Portal
| 12 min read
This project aims to showcase the results achieved by the Arizona Government Transformation Office (GTO). We have worked closely with the GTO team to implement a visually refreshing, modern design for the portal. In addition to visual and architectural updates, the new website will leverage Drupal 9 to add new functionality to the website to improve the overall user experience and accessibility.
| 7 min read
The web evolved out of the need to deliver information to people. In its most basic form information was presented as content. The form, structure, and frequency of such content being delivered would define a user’s affinity to the entity that delivers. Over time content came to define experiences for people online, across all domains. If you had to sell something on the internet, you had to provide information about the entire ecosystem around it. Many brands leveraged this, while many did not.
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| 8 min read
Drupal is one of the most preferred Content Management Systems in the world, and needless to say, Drupal 8 is greatest release of Drupal till date. When it comes to Drupal 8, it makes things a lot easier for the digital marketer, with its power, easy usability and superior technology. According to the official website, Drupal 8 offers the following options for marketers:-