Initial review checklists for content management on Zyxware

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The technical content posted on is being managed and reviewed by a team called the Tech Content Team (TCT) and all the content that gets published goes through a TCT review process. Please find below the TCT initial review checklist that is used for the initial check on articles before they are accepted into the TCT workflow.

Zyxware’s Tech Content Team would like to put across the following points that we usually look for while doing the Initial Review of an article received as a submission to the Tech Content Submission System. Initial Review is a quick review of the bare necessities for an article. Here is the checklist we usually use for that:

  • Has the article been submitted via a tracker ticket?
  • Does the article have enough HTML tags, HTML formatting?
  • Does the article pass through the W3C HTML Validator with Strict DOCTYPE?
  • Has all code in the article been properly escaped?
  • Is the article unique (verify for plagiarism for at least 50% uniqueness; not even a single sentence should be a copy-paste)?
  • Has the article been submitted as a text file?
  • Does the article have all components as per the structure mentioned?
  • Does the article fit the length requirements (min: 80words/800 chars; max: 5000 chars or thereabout; with code; 1st para - min 2 lines)?