Empowering Media : Managing multimedia content with Drupal

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In this digital age, how does a media organization effectively manage the massive volume of images, graphics, videos and photographs that it gets access to every single day? This inevitably throws up a whole lot of questions.Does the company have a copyright for a particular image? Does the company give image credits? How can the organization know who is tracking the image and how many times it has been already used? Quite often, companies use the time-consuming and laborious method of making calls to determine the answer to these questions. Needless to say, it's an absolute waste of effort and resources.

Where lies the answer?

Today, the media and entertainment industry is faced with the painstaking task of managing exponential volumes of multimedia and rich media content including photography, audio and video clips, and corporate branding assets. So, is there a way to tackle this challenge?

A Digital Asset Management system would surely help to keep track of all the digital assets and ensure that it's easily accessible to users. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) application is a secure, centralized repository for managing digital media. Scalable and flexible, it enables you to easily store, organize, track and distribute your digital assets and offers a host of capabilities for efficient content management including content workflow and collaboration, editorial work flow management, data archiving, subscription management, creative production and publishing and distribution of assets.

Drupal and Media Asset Management

One of the most popular open source web content management systems in the world, Drupal powers more than 1 million websites and several applications, with some of the biggest media sites such as The Economist, Examiner.com, and Al Jazeera having Drupal under their hood. With Drupal as the Digital Asset Management solution, companies can efficiently manage the copyrights and usage of images, videos, graphics and videos. Besides enabling the reuse of assets, Drupal also facilitates centralized access to content. This further ensures that the content is meticulously tracked and not misappropriated in any manner.


  • Helps to maintain brand reputation
  • Centralization of all the digital assets across the enterprise
  • Flexible digital assets creation and data distribution
  • Effective metadata management
  • Reuse of digital assets for future use
  • Faster time-to-market
  • High level of security
  • Efficient workflow management
  • Maximum returns on investment

As an expert provider of Drupal website development services, Zyxware offers you a full-fledged DAM application built on Drupal that enables companies to effectively create, store, manage, archive and reuse assets through diverse channels, thus enhancing the efficiency, transparency and sustainability of business processes and maximizing the returns on investment. Over the years, we have implemented key Drupal-based projects for various media and publishing companies based on their specific requirements. With our fully integrated Digital Asset Management solutions, we help companies to streamline the creative process, automate workflow and ensure compliance, thus maximizing their digital assets.

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