Business Strategy for Enhancing Customer Experience of B2B Portal

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The word shopping portal has been revolving around the B2C business model for a long time. With the advent of digitalization in the retail industry, B2B purchases have also started going online. The brick and mortar model of order collection by sales representatives and door to door delivery has changed. We can now use technology to enhance this function more effectively. That is through the B2B Customer Portal.

B2B Customer Portal is quite similar to a shopping portal, but the significant difference is in the core functionality. B2B audience like dealers, shop owners etc will be the primary audience of a B2B customer portal. An example of a B2B customer portal is a dealer's portal. Through this platform, dealers will be able to view products and make bulk purchases in a click. Payment for the same can be made through online payment gateways and the status of the product shipping can be viewed on the user's dashboard. On the other hand, companies (business owners) can optimize the order management efforts and will be able to track each and every event in the order processing life cycle. Also, personalized offers can be provided to dealers to increase their order value. The support of live shopping agents can also be provided to customers to facilitate trouble-free shopping.

Advantages of B2B Customer Portal

For Dealers :

  • Can place bulk orders 24x7 throughout the year, even when on the move through their mobile devices
  • Access the latest information about products
  • Track and monitor orders from the system
  • Avail online shopping assistance to facilitate instant query clarification
  • Establish a contact to the company directly from the dashboard

For Business Owner(Companies):

  • Digitalize the order management process to increase the efficiency in the process
  • Establish a new communication channel with dealers and thus build an online community of loyal customers
  • Retain customers and generate more sales by providing personalized content and offers
  • Access detailed reports from the system, which can be used for detailed analysis and strategy formulation

Portal management can be decentralized by authorizing specific roles to departments based on their function. For instance, the marketing team can be assigned the product management while the sales team monitors online sales.

As the whole world is moving towards digitalization, why wait? Start implementing a B2B customer portal and stay ahead of the curve. Contact our team to know more about B2B customer portals and how it will be beneficial for your business.