Content Marketing: The Key to Success for SEO in 2015

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Has the marketing department in your organization given thought to the SEO strategy for 2015? If not, then get rid of your outdated SEO strategy and prepare a new one for the new year.

All of us are familiar with the basics of a successful SEO strategy - blog updates, links, social media, proper use of keywords, and high quality content. SEO has undergone a dramatic change over the past few years. In fact, some of the strategies that worked well in the past are no longer relevant and can even lead to site penalties. This has led SEO strategists and marketing companies to chart out new SEO strategies that focus more on the user than on search engines.

Before approaching an SEO outsourcing company, you should be well aware of the integral elements of an SEO strategy. Here are the five key elements of an SEO strategy for 2015:

Give more emphasis to ROI, not keyword rankings: Focusing solely on keyword ranking does not mean that your SEO campaign is a huge success. Quite often, keyword ranking reports give the false impression that your website is on the number one position. However, if you are a small business owner who has set apart a marketing budget for SEO, you would want to hear more about the conversions, revenue and ROI it has generated. So, the key emphasis is on whether the SEO campaign has generated maximum ROI and not always on the keyword ranking.

Create content assets such as infographics and guides that earn links: If you earn a high-quality link on a popular website, then it would surely boost SEO, referral traffic, leads, sales and give you excellent brand exposure. Create content assets such as infographics and guides to attract more inbound links. The content you create should be so interesting, attractive and informative that other websites should share it and link it back to your website.

Use more interesting videos: Consumers are very often interested in watching visually appealing and informative videos rather than reading articles. Videos can also be easily shared via social media networks, blogs, and can be used alongside the content in the website. If your videos get more shares, it means that more people are clicking on your site, which inturn results in more traffic and conversions.

Responsive and mobile-optimized websites: As a marketer who is on the hunt for an SEO outsourcing services company, you might be familiar with the impact of mobile-optimized websites on search engine rankings. According to a recent comScore study, mobile has become the foremost digital platform. Today, Internet usage on mobile devices far exceeds the use of desktops. Hence, Google prefers responsive and mobile-optimized websites that offer the finest experience for users.

Social media engagement: Small businesses usually sign up for every social media networking site and share their content in all such sites. However, instead of joining all social media sites, it is better to actively focus on two or three sites. This would help in more lead generation and increase in sales and revenue. This would also go a long way in attracting more people to your website and even offers opportunities to earn links.

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