Make the most out of Twitter to achieve your marketing goals
BY Moses Raymond
5 years ago
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Marketing of a product or a concept is no longer limited to using the conventional methods of communicating to a potential customer like print or television advertising or billboards. Today, with the faster penetration of Internet and proliferation of devices such as mobiles, smart phones and tablets, social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have become extremely relevant to market a product.

As these tools allow companies to communicate with prospective clients on a one-to-one basis, they have metamorphosed into one of the most powerful and effective methods of achieving one’s marketing goals.

As an Internet-based social medium, Twitter has emerged and cleverly positioned itself as a popular and unique business marketing method amongst businesses, large or small. You can use Twitter to attract more customers and drive business by implementing a Twitter-based marketing campaign and get across to customers in a more personal and direct manner.

Let us see how you can use Twitter to your advantage and help your business succeed:

Twitter is personal: Twitter has proved that it has tremendous potential to reach prospective clients by interacting with them in a more private yet impactful manner and creating solid relationships with clients. No other marketing tool has been able to connect to potential customers in a more direct way than Twitter and the proof of its popularity lies in the fact that it reached its first 10 million user mark much quicker than Facebook, despite being a laggard in its initial days.

Twitter is cost-effective: Businesses, large or small, keep looking for cheaper and effective ways of communicating with clients and Twitter is definitely cost-effective than most marketing mediums. Twitter accounts can be opened and maintained for free and the operating costs of a computer and an Internet connection are all that are needed. Small-sized organizations can use its services to achieve its marketing goals without incurring huge costs.

Instant Communication and Targeted Approach: Twitter is a wonderful way to communicate with your prospect without any time lag, as there are no delays in getting across a vital piece of information to the prospective customers and getting the first-mover advantage.Quick and rapid tweets can make a substantial difference while dealing with cut-throat competition and could lead to more sales.

While Twitter can be used to reach your marketing goals in a more competent way, you shall need to keep a few things in mind to build its effectiveness as a potent marketing tool:

  • Regular Tweeting helps as your prospective customer is also engaged with other organizations and there is greater possibility of your once-in-a-blue-moon tweet getting lost in the barrage of tweets he or she may be receiving. A dedicated team that ensures regular and sustained tweets will keep your tweet followers interested and involved in your tweet content.
  • The inclusion of special deals or exclusive offers in your tweet that are not available on other channels can be a good reason for your customer to follow you while allowing him access to exclusive information and deals about your product.
  • It makes great business sense to market your twitter account on your own website and other social media accounts your company may be present on. This way clients and prospects will be encouraged to follow you and tweet or re-tweet on their individual accounts.

Proper implementation and effective use of Twitter as a brilliant marketing tool is an integral part of the marketing campaigns that Zyxware Technologies undertakes for its clients and we are sure you will find value and benefit immensely from our Digital marketing services when you connect with us.

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