Exploring frontiers: Digital marketing trends of 2016

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The Digital Marketing industry is a fast-paced and volatile one and for any marketer who wants to stay at the top of the game, it is pertinent to stay updated about the latest marketing trends on a regular basis. One little slip and the opportunity to keep up to the client's standards and match up with the competition is lost, and along with it, a chance to reach the top.

The market is forever being inundated with the latest software and hardware; newer companies and user preferences changing by the hour. Industry stalwarts regularly keep updating themselves as it is essential to ensure that their reputation remains untouched and they are continuously on the forefront of new and emerging markets.

With 2016 close at hand, we all need to update ourselves with the new trends that are bound to create more than just a ripple in the turbulent waters of Digital Marketing.

Mobile domination: The desktop site that was your best friend till recently, is slowly but gradually being left behind. 2016 will bring the mobile to the forefront, without a doubt. As Google has made its intentions clear about preferring the mobile site over the desktop website, it shall become a mandate to phase out the only-desktop sites with mobile-optimized sites. This clearly points to the fact that mobile-specific digital marketing will be the order of the day in 2016.

Video advertisements to rule: Mobile and desktop users across the world have become savvy to the attractive and impactful multiple video ads that pop up all over the screen. In 2016, video advertisements will grab a larger portion of eyeballs than traditional marketing techniques; 2015 has already shown us glimpses of its success on Facebook, Bing and YouTube. Google has given its nod to in-SERP video ads and this will surely buck the trend of video advertisements and boost digital marketing to a newer level.

Virtual reality set to become, well, a reality: There are multiple virtual reality devices that are awaiting launching pads and 2015 has completed the necessary groundwork for a dazzling initiation into the world of digital marketing in 2016. VR devices like Oculus Rift are on the cusp of getting aligned to video channels and social media networks and are bound to give the slightly older marketing techniques a run for its money.

Emphasis on Personalization: Digital Marketers of 2016 will strive to connect personally to the target audience by sharing personalized content and posts that will provide solutions to the consumer in a more direct way than ever. With it's essential human touch, the content will strike at the heart of the consumer and keep him rooted to the websites for longer periods than before. Companies will thus have more time at their disposal to impress the consumer. In addition, this also leads to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

We, at Zyxware, are all set to move seamlessly into the spanking new 2016. Optimum utilization of the latest trends in Digital marketing is at its core. Our focus on the freshest and newest has constantly kept our clients on the forefront of their businesses and supported our vision to give our clients a quantum leap into the future. Call us today and join us in this exciting journey!

Image courtesy: Flickr