Digital Engagement Trends: How to accelerate business growth in 2023?

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As most countries transform into digital economies, internet users worldwide are also growing exponentially. As of April 2022, there were over five billion internet users globally.1

It comprises 63.1 % of the world’s population.

Within this number, 4.7 billion are estimated to be social media users. It means that the world has over 5 billion digital consumers.

Adopting digital usage is nudging businesses to invest in growing the quality and scale of digital engagement and maintaining digital agility. This blog deconstructs digital engagement trends and how businesses can leverage them to expedite business growth.

What Is Digital Engagement?

Before the arrival of the Internet, businesses would engage with customers via offline stores, telemarketing, and postal services. As internet usage grew, email and publishing platforms emerged as core channels.

Many channels are being used today, including social media, messaging apps, conversational chatbots, and retail media.

Digital engagement is the process by which businesses engage with customers via various digital channels, from social media to email and chatbots. It continues to play an increasingly important role in enabling enterprises to meet multiple goals.

Those who invest early in strengthening their digital customer engagement strategy will emerge as leaders in their category.



Benefits of Digital Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of how businesses leverage digital engagement to drive outcomes:

  • Build trust: A well-curated digital footprint helps enterprises to amplify their values, narratives, and success stories and build trust among potential and existing customers
  • Know your customer: Businesses can unify consumer data from all channels and derive valuable insights into consumer behavior and interests to produce more relevant products, services, and marketing campaigns.
  • Drive sales: Digital engagement is emerging as a key revenue driver. By offering hyper-personalized consumer experiences, businesses can cater to their customer’s specific needs and wants. They can also build in-moment experiences at the exact time when consumers log into a channel - from messaging apps like Whatsapp to social media platforms like Instagram.
  • Enhance the product: Digital engagement is a core aspect of products in many sectors, such as fintech, mental health, and logistics.

Top Digital Engagement Trends to Watch in 2023

Check out the top 6 digital engagement trends for 2023 listed below.

Several digital engagement trends will revolutionize the digital engagement experience for consumers and other stakeholders as follows:

  • AI (Artificial intelligence) will play a more significant role in enhancing the consumer experience and it is one of the top digital engagement trends in 2023. For instance, conversational AI chatbots will enable consumers to get common queries addressed and access personalized recommendations.
  • Business teams will leverage the benefits of automation to standardize the consumer experience across multiple channels and scale marketing activities.
  • Brands will focus on omnichannel marketing to enable customers to engage in any medium.
  • Companies will leverage location-based technology to customize content to a customer’s language and cultural context. They will also strengthen language capabilities to reach a wider audience demographic.
  • Data will be consolidated, validated, governed, and disseminated With higher efficiency to help businesses make accurate decisions that accelerate business growth.
  • Businesses make themselves indispensable by ensuring that customer service and support functions are accessible and round-the-clock.

How to Build the Digital Engagement Ecosystem



Elevate the Consumer Experience

Today, there is no limit to how a creative business can bring differentiation to the consumer experience. For instance, it can be made more immersive through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Digital engagement can be made more intuitive through advancements in machine learning. Gamification also makes the consumer experience more interactive, thrilling, and rewarding.

Build a Robust Tech Stack from The Ground Up

A common error businesses make is using software and applications serving a wide range of functions, with none of them able to talk to each other. It results in reduced efficiency and productivity.

Legacy systems and applications must be able to talk to each other to ensure the workflow remains efficient.

Secondly, each software must be relevant to the business needs. For instance, if Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in the discoverability of your business, then leveraging an SEO-optimized customer management system (CMS) is an effective way to fuel the leads pipeline.

If your enterprise business works with a lot of data, you may need to invest in a state-of-the-art customized data management system.

A Holistic Digital Customer Engagement Strategy

There is a lot of technology available there to enable unit digital engagement. However, your digital customer engagement strategy must serve the consumer’s needs and facilitate building a superior experience.

Clearly outline your goals, and map digital engagement trends and strategies to meet each goal. Make sure that each goal is measurable by identifying the right metrics. Set benchmarks to ensure that your team is on track to meet them.

Successful Digital Engagement Use Cases

Today, brands are enhancing digital engagement with the latest digital engagement trends in diverse ways based on the needs of the customers and the business goals. 

Here are two diverse examples of how organizations prioritize digital engagement as part of their core business growth strategies:


This one-stop solution to effectively market premium properties online to the high-net-worth clients of real estate agents needed a comprehensive overhaul to elevate the digital experience.

The reimagined platform is built in Drupal and equips real estate agents with all the tools to wow customers, activate marketing campaigns, seed trust, and drive more sales.

They have access to a fully customized property website on Angular with the custom domain name option.

This intervention enabled real estate agents to showcase their properties in an elevated manner and market properties at a premium.


Typically, businesses launch annual reports as PDFs or presentations, making them text-heavy and static. International school INSEAD, which publishes an annual report yearly, wanted to make it more engaging.

They launched a Drupal based platform to publish digital interactive documents like annual reports and similar documents. In platform, the content was laid out hierarchically. It was easy to navigate, and the entire report could be accessed in a few clicks. As the system is implemented as a platform, they are using the same Drupal-based system to create Annual Reports as well as other reports since 2019.

Another critical aspect was the content authoring workflow, which enabled content to be authored, maintained, and updated by multiple authors.

In Conclusion

Developing digital engagement strategies can be an overwhelming experience for businesses. However, by partnering with a digital transformation specialist like Zyxware Technologies, companies can seamlessly compose digital experiences for every moment in the customer journey.

It is an investment that frees up the bandwidth of team members to focus on driving their core objectives while a professionally developed, tech-enabled solution fuels their digital engagement strategy with the latest digital engagement trends.