LUXVT is the one-stop solution to effectively portray properties online in stunning ways to elite clients of upmarket real estate agents. It is a powerful online marketing solution tailored specifically for these upmarket agents and their properties. There is a lot of attention given to the style and sophistication that is required to create the 'wow factor. And it is this that catches the eye.

LUXVT provides complete marketing solutions like HD Video tours with aerial flying in, complete listing individual property website, integrated email blast campaign, responsive designs so clients get to watch it on mobiles & tabs, powerful lead capturing and client relationship tools, integrated Facebook and Twitter marketing, etc.

The Engagment

Simply put, real estate agents can subscribe to LUXVT to market their properties and based on their subscription plan, get different benefits. The 2 different plans are the Premium Subscription plan and Standard Subscription plan. With the Premium plan, the agent gets a fully customized Flash site, a movie version, a lite version, and an MIS version of their property. The agent is allowed to upload up to 32 pictures of the property, HD videos, Google map integration to get the exact location, etc. The agents who opt for the Standard Subscription will get the flash and MLS version and not the other two.

The entire site was built in Drupal 6 and it was a greenfield project. We were involved with all the aspects of development. The design was given by the client and the theming part was done by us. We worked closely with the client to ensure the look and feel of the website was exactly in tune with what the client had in mind.

Here are a few highlights on the features on the site:

  • Promotional activities like mass mailing via email for agents to communicate with clients
  • E-brochures can be created that can be sent along with e-mails to clients
  • Post to Craigslist- for enhanced visibility
  • Videos can be uploaded of different properties
  • Activity report statistics to measure the traffic of users (separate report for 4 different versions that a premium member enjoys)
  • Additional products like email campaigns, customized four page brochures etc are available to the agent, if required
  • DVD's, Postcards, virtual tours, single listing websites are the other different products offered
  • If an agent already has a domain name then the new links that get created can be named in such a way that the URL looks similar to the one they agent already possesses. Custom domain names which are easy to remember can also be requested for.
  • Coupon code system is available to the admin of the site. He can pass on discount coupons to selected agents who can then avail it during their next subscription for a new property.
  • Youtube syndication feature
  • Search Optimization done to ensure the created site gets good visibility
  • Creation of printable brochures
  • QR Code- Automatically generated QR code that can be placed on signs and print ads

The payment system that powers LUXVT is Ubercart. Interested agents have the option to make payments online and avail the features of their respective subscription plans. There are also Demo options available for interested users to get an experience on what exactly the Premium subscription is all about and what are benefits they are going to enjoy.

The admin module of this site is very powerful concerning close monitoring of the data that goes into it and the admin has full privileges to ensure the content that goes in are valid. The admin of the site has the option to download XML files that reports the total activity that happens on the site. This helps to understand how the site is performing and which are the areas to be concentrated upon etc. The site has been used extensively by upmarket agents across the world who have found it to be extremely beneficial. Happy to be part of this project, where happiness is experienced all the way across, even to the family who buys a beautiful home that brings a smile to their faces!