Customer Satisfaction

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The ScrumMaster is accountable to make sure a Scrum group lifestyles by the values and methods of Scrum. The ScrumMaster is often regarded a trainer for the group, assisting the group do the best perform it probably can. The ScrumMaster can also be believed of as a procedure proprietor for the group, developing a stability with the venture's key stakeholder, who is generally known as the vendor.
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In any business, the relationship between clients and the service provider is subjected to the stress of disputes often. Businesses that deliver true value to their clients over a sustained period of time have mechanisms to resolve these disputes. Often they rely on certain thumb rules also. One such thumb rule is the adage 'Customer is the king.' At Zyxware, we believe that it is a thumb rule that can, in contexts of disputes, lead to sub-optimal results for the relationship and the parties involved from the point of view of effectiveness and more importantly fairness.