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The govCMS platform was launched in March of 2015 under the initiative of the Department of Finance, Australia to provide a single platform for all levels of the government agencies to streamline website development.

"What govCMS allows is faster delivery of services, more flexibility. More effective use of public money. This platform has made these things easier."

John Sheridan

John Sheridan is the Chief Information and Security Officer2 for the Department of Finance for the Australian Government.

govCMS gives all department agencies access to a content management system that is highly secure, easy to use, flexible, stable and above all open source. So instead of depending on a proprietary software that would have made them vulnerable, government agencies now have a system that is flexible and responsive. The govCMS is developed as a cloud-based distribution of Drupal under a partnership between Acquia1 and the online services branch of the Department of Finance.

Features of govCMS


Drupal being modular in nature, modules can be built on govCMS to customize features. These modules available on can be used by other agencies, cutting the cost, allowing flexibility and scalability.


govCMS being a distribution of Drupal is secure mitigating any need for expensive risk management systems.


Another advantage of the govCMS distribution is that it is agile. Most websites can be built in two weeks if there is no underlying complexity to it.

The govCMS is a great digital transformation platform on which multiple players benefit. Government agencies have a secure ready to go package to build their site and site users get responsive user-friendly sites that are easy to access. Site administrators can add and edit content easily. Being agile, free and open source, it is easy in the pockets of the Aussie taxpayers.

To further help Australian government agencies build their websites, the Department of Finance has set up a panel of Drupal service providers to bid when tenders are called to build websites. The panel members like Zyxware Technologies are chosen after rigorous selection process and are well equipped to meet the requirements of the Australian Government websites.

1. Acquia partnership
2.John Sheridan



on 12th October 2017 / by webmaster
The govCMS platform was launched in March of 2015 under the initiative of the Department of Finance, Australia to provide a single platform for all levels of the government agencies to streamline website development. govCMS Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

on 17th December 2018 / by nisha
The GovCMS initiative of the Australian Government is to promote a culture of digital service to the Australian citizens making it easy for people to interact with and get information from the government. It helps the government transform its services to be citizen-friendly, transparent and fast. govCMS Egovernment Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

on 10th July 2019 / by webmaster
Problem Statement Department of IT and Telecom ​(DITT)​ being the nodal department for IT infrastructure ​had the responsibility of managing the websites of different government entities. While there were many common features to these websites, they were built using different technologies and therefore, maintenance was difficult costly. In the present case, the 24 websites of the Dzongkhags and Thromdes were developed on different ​technologies with different designs and functionality. The transfer of webmasters assigned to each website resulted in a lack of knowledge transfer and the sites were vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks due to lack of necessary security updations and code maintenance.Solution ​ DITT had decided to create a centralised system built on a single technology which would enable easier maintenance of the 24 websites. They had chosen Drupal as the technology for this. Drupal is an Open Source Web Content Management System. Incidentally, it is also one of the preferred technologies for the Government of India and many other governments across the world. The detailing of the system was done in consultation with us. We later developed the system for them and the DITT has already started deploying their websites on this system. An example can be found here. Technical Description A Drupal technology-based central site generation platform will be created with functions and features necessary for the 24 websites as identified requirements gathering. This will reside at DITT servers and will be operated by its personnel. As many sites can be created from this platform using a single click operation. This will generate instances of the original site loaded on the platform with a common set of features and can be later mapped to the respective domain names of the Dzongkhags. As pointed in the problem statement, the primary challenge ​ of maintenance of the site will be handled as below. The site generation platform will be manned by DITT. All security updates and code maintenance will be done on this and it gets automatically updated in the ​ websites generated from it as each ​web​site has its origins in the platform. The webmasters managing each site are given provision to customize the site with new colours, logos, and layout structure so as to make their site unique. Thus while being unique, all the sites stay homogenous in terms of their information structure, ease of use and backend operation. This also ensures that a one-time training will enable them to operate any ​web​site in spite of transfers. Implementation The project was implemented in the offshore ​- onsite ​model. ​While the development of the system was done in our offices in Trivandrum, Kerala, the platform was built​ and deployed​ at​ client location ​by us visiting the client location. To manage anticipated load and for future scalability, load balancing was done so that the 24 sites are always up by serving the request from one of the 3 dedicated servers. Timelines: The project had a tight timeline as the whole operation had to be completed by May 11th and before the change of guard by mid-June, the 24 new sites has to be up in terms of content migration as well. As per the initial project plan and agreement, the first site was delivered on May 11th and the remaining are being readied by the DITT team. Final Delivery and Objective attainment The department is now able to manage the 24 sites centrally and able to add new features. The training was provided to empower the different stakeholders to operate the system along with detailed manuals. We also provided 1-year online support for the systems implemented along with the local partner. Topic govCMS Drupal e-Governance Digital Transformation
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