An Innovation Platform for a Forward Thinking Government: GovCMS

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The govCMS platform was launched in March of 2015 under the initiative of the Department of Finance, Australia to provide a single platform for all levels of the government agencies to streamline website development. 

What govCMS allows is faster delivery of services, more flexibility. More effective use of public money. This platform has made these things easier.

John Sheridan

John Sheridan is the Chief Information and Security Officer2 for the Department of Finance for the Australian Government.

govCMS gives all department agencies access to a content management system that is highly secure, easy to use, flexible, stable, and above all open source. So instead of depending on proprietary software that would have made them vulnerable, government agencies now have a system that is flexible and responsive. The govCMS is developed as a cloud-based distribution of Drupal under a partnership between Acquia1 and the online services branch of the Department of Finance.

Features of GovCMS




Drupal being modular in nature, modules can be built on govCMS to customize features. These modules available on can be used by other agencies, cutting the cost, allowing flexibility and scalability.


govCMS being a distribution of Drupal is secure mitigating any need for expensive risk management systems.


Another advantage of the govCMS distribution is that it is agile. Most websites can be built in two weeks if there is no underlying complexity to them.

The govCMS is a great digital transformation platform on which multiple players benefit. Government agencies have a secure ready to go package to build their site and site users get responsive user-friendly sites that are easy to access. Site administrators can add and edit content easily. Being agile, free, and open-source, it is easy in the pockets of the Aussie taxpayers.

To further help Australian government agencies build their websites, the Department of Finance has set up a panel of Drupal service providers to bid when tenders are called to build websites. The panel members are chosen after rigorous selection process and are well equipped to meet the requirements of the Australian Government websites.