Accessibility in Government CMS Landscape
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From a humanitarian point of view and inclusive policies, every organization has a responsibility to follow these guidelines. People with disabilities also have the right to consume digital content in the way others do. WCAG helps to bring equality in information delivery.
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Problem Statement Department of IT and Telecom ​(DITT)​ being the nodal department for IT infrastructure ​had the responsibility of managing the websites of different government entities. While there were many common features to these websites, they were built using different technologies, and therefore, maintenance was difficult costly. In the present case, the 24 websites of the Dzongkhags and Thromdes were developed on different ​technologies with different designs and functionality.
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The GovCMS initiative of the Australian Government is to promote a culture of digital service to the Australian citizens making it easy for people to interact with and get information from the government. It helps the government transform its services to be citizen-friendly, transparent and fast.
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govCMS gives all department agencies access to a content management system that is highly secure, easy to use, flexible, stable, and above all open source. So instead of depending on proprietary software that would have made them vulnerable, government agencies now have a system that is flexible and responsive. The govCMS is developed as a cloud-based distribution of Drupal under a partnership between Acquia1 and the online services branch of the Department of Finance.