Why Government Departments Should Use An AI-based Chatbot?

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AI-based chatbots have become an essential tool for any business. Even though AI-based chatbots are being swiftly adopted by the private sector, the public sector adoption rate was a bit slow. Now the thing has started to change, the public sector departments have also realized the potential chatbots have and some of the departments have even developed their own chatbots to make their service delivery more efficient.

Benefits that AI-Based Chatbots Create



For citizens:

  • Quick access to public data

  • Round the clock availability

  • Multiple access points (Website/Facebook/Alexa/ Google Home)

  • Multiple Communication Formats - Text, Voice

  • Improved user experience

  • Time savings

  • Converse in the native language

For departments:

  • 24*7*365 Service Delivery

  • Improved efficiency

  • Reduced workload

  • Automation and easy integration with IT systems

  • Omnichannel support delivery

  • No additional efforts required to maintain the content

Some of the AI Chatbots used by Governments



CHIP, City of Los Angeles

  • Multilingual and Launched in Microsoft Azure Bot Platform

  • Intended to help vendors to find and address queries on business opportunities.

  • Helped to reduce email queries by 50% and support staff by 40%.

RAMMAS, Government of Dubai

  • Multilingual(English & Arabic)

  • Available in the website, mobile phones, smart TV, smartwatches, Facebook Etc

  • Addressed 1,900,000 + enquiries since launch, which helps in saving AED 31.3 Million

ALEX, Government of Australia

  • Intended to help citizens in having information on Intellectual Property

  • Handles about 40% of organizations active customer interactions

  • Reduced customer support calls to 5000/month from 12,000/month

EMMA, US Citizenship and Immigration Services

  • Handles 1 Million monthly Interactions

  • Multilingual(English & Spanish)

  • intended to help the people on requests pertaining to immigration services, green cards, passports and any service offered by this department.

MISSI, Government of Mississippi State

  • Available in Website and Alexa

  • Intended to help residents in information on taxation, health services, public transport, family services, job opportunity.

PAIGE, Government of San Francisco

  • Intended to help internal users in the IT procurement process.

  • Speaks British Accent

Drupal with its advanced capability to model data makes it a suitable platform to create a content repository that can act as the primary data source for a government AI Chatbot. Zyxware can create a Drupal-based government website that can also be used as the primary data source for an AI Chatbot. Get in touch with us to explore all the possibilities that can help to increase citizen service delivery efficiency.