Improve Restaurant Service Quality by Integrating order-Assistance kiosk.

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Fast-food restaurants managers are in the eternal pursuit of reducing waiting time for customers. They understand that customers have a busy lifestyle.

During the rush hour, when people queue up before the cash register and it becomes crowded, kiosks give customers the option of placing their own orders. They could enter their choices on their own and have the kitchen preparing their orders, reducing the wait time for their meals.

order-taking kiosks are designed to emotionally engage the end-user, in line with the restaurant’s brand. When customers place their own orders through a kiosk, it’s easy for them to see all options available, add-on, or a request for special preparation. Kiosks never forget to upsell — and offers for side dishes, drinks, or upsizing options to a full meal automatically.

order-taking kiosks integrated with cloud-based Fast-food restaurant solution provides a unified seamless experience – throughout the entire workflow integrating the peripherals such as point of sale systems, kitchen monitors, digital menu boards, back-office systems, and even restaurant analytics using a comprehensive interface. A centralized management platform adds a layer of security with customizable login privileges along with the flexibility of customizing the business rules, along the way.

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