Transforming Academic Sector using Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics have been evolving rapidly for quite some time now. Technology giants like Google and IBM have played a crucial role in democratizing it. Business organizations have started using AI based services massively for the betterment of their processes and improvement of efficiency. Right from marketing to operations management, AI based tools have started upending conventional tools. The insights delivered by Analytics help organizations in making crucial business decisions.

AI and Analytics have numerous applications in the space of education and research. Content delivery, communication management, asset management etc are the areas in which the capability of AI can be used. Analytics can help in having insights about user persona, user engagement and user behaviour. Analytics help in capturing data from maximum user touch points. AI systems can use this data to process it to gather useful information which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Artificial Intelligence for Academic Institutions

Academic institutions can use AI in the following areas:



Student Support

AI based chatbots can be used for helping students in clearing their queries related to courses, organization, faculty etc. Chatbot helps in reducing human intervention in the initial levels of communication. This gives marketing staff the added advantage of being able to concentrate on their core competencies. It’s quite difficult for an end user to decipher whether an organization uses a chatbot or whether a human is behind the communication. This gives the end user a feel that the organization delivers personalized communication to them. In addition to this, chatbots can also trigger communication with users using the previous engagement history and data from various sources. Chatbots can also be used as an information dissemination tool that can be made available for research students only.

Research Assistance

Web platform of the institution can be made compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google home. This help researchers to clear queries using these assistants. It opens the door to the world of hands-free knowledge dissemination. As the number of people using these assistants are on a steady rise, it will soon become an essential feature to be implemented.

Applicant Prospecting

AI based advanced marketing systems can be used to reach out to student/faculty prospects. These features can help institutions in their efforts to deliver marketing content to prospective audience using persona based content delivery. Advanced lead capturing systems that delivers dynamic forms will help to capture relevant customer information.



Course Recommendations

Its conventional to deliver course recommendations based on certain search queries or using a questionnaire. AI has made it possible to deliver tailored course recommendations to user based on their user persona, academic qualification, experience etc. This helps the recommendations to be more meaningful. Data collected at different touch points will be used for this.

Alumni Outreach

For any academic institution, Alumni is the proof of their educational prowess and major source of funding. An alumni outreach platform can be implemented to coordinate the activities of alumni associations and to drive in more engagement from Alumni members. Automated systems will help in fund collection and surveys. Natural language processing enabled forums can help in grouping and managing conversations based on intent.

Advanced Reporting Through Analytics

Advanced analytic systems will help in collecting customer data from multiple touch points across different platforms which will help in building a unified user persona. Reporting systems can also create meaningful reports that contain data visualizations to help in taking informed decisions. Even minute details like audience engagement on unique case studies can be captured. These insights can be used to analyse the quality of content and the user experience on the platform.

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