Let’s welcome Digital Annual Report

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Zyxware has successfully rolled out a report publishing platform for INSEAD Business School in the month of April 2019. INSEAD has built its Annual Report & Donor’s Report using this platform

Organizations use to deliver annual reports to their different stakeholders to describe their operations and financial conditions for the past year. This is a routine activity for all Medium to Large scale organizations. Even in this digital era, organizations use to create these reports in PDF format, targeting users who use to print these reports to read them. Being in PDF format, users find it difficult to read online. Here comes the need of presenting it in an interactive format, where users can read it effortlessly and navigate to different sections as per their needs.

Organizations are now moving towards building platforms that help to create interactive annual reports and publish them online. Annual reports of Vodafone, L'Oréal,  INSEAD, Blue Cross Blue Shield are some of the examples.

The advantages of digital annual reports are

  1. It makes content discovery easier. With its intuitive navigation and search functionality, users can easily find a piece of content they are looking for

  2. Following Mobile First approach ensures rich experience in mobile devices

  3. Being a web platform, annual reports can be the tool the marketing department craves for which showcases all the achievements of the organization in the past year

  4. All inclusive. Making the platform to comply with web accessibility guidelines help users having disabilities to access the content.

  5. Rich data visualizations can be included in the report by using data visualization tools

Zyxware Report Builder Platform

For helping organizations in digitizing their annual reports, Zyxware has developed a digital platform on Drupal 8. Reusability is the main factor considered while envisaging the delivery model for the platform. For making this happen, these platforms have been developed in the form of distribution, which organizations can install themselves in their server and configure it according to their needs. The presentation can be modified to meet the brand guidelines of the organization.

The annual report platform developed by Zyxware brings to the table, the concept of hierarchical content organization. With this platform, it is possible to

  1. Create a hierarchical content structure and the system automatically generate the table of contents.

  2. Separation of content authoring and presentation allow the content authors to focus on the content and its structure. The system will take care of how it will be displayed to the end user. This will help organizations to generate reports that are aligned to the branding or style guidelines.

  3. Custom content workflow allows organizations to use the system to source draft content, review it and finally publish the approved version.

  4. Static page generation and archival support - The system is capable of generating static pages which can be hosted in a low-cost hosting system like AWS S3 which considerably reduce the cost of hosting and improve the performance.

  5. Automatic PDF generation - This allows the organization to create a print version automatically from the content generated.

We have successfully rolled out an annual report platform for INSEAD Business School in the month of April 2019. INSEAD has built its Annual Report & Donor’s Report using this platform. Love to know more about our product and success stories? Reach out to our product experts.