How to Drive the Digital Transformation of your Business?

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Digital transformation is the evolution of business enterprises to fully engage and optimize their operations and functioning to incorporate and fully make use of the potential of digital technology and their influence on society. Digital transformation is industry independent to a large extent and helps implement the business goals, resolve challenges, and increase customer traffic.

Digital transformation includes

  • Digital representation of the company for greater visibility through websites and apps.
  • Digital marketing as an important part of the business activities and approach.
  • Understanding the digital behaviour and pattern of customers as they increasingly become ‘digital and mobile’ savvy.
  • Digitization of information (flows) and business processes.
  • Digital experiments including innovation labs and new digital products.

Now that we have covered what digital transformation really mean, we’ll get into what is involved in digital transformation. Digital is ubiquitous and it affects many aspects of the customer behaviour as well as company operations. An essential feature of digital transformation is that business processes and models are interconnected and interdependent on each activity of the organization.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital representation of the company: The digital representation of the business improves its visibility greatly through websites and apps. The foundation of having a digital presence is creating a website easily accessible to any device connected to the web.

Digital behaviour of customers: Digital transformation helps in understanding the digital behaviour and pattern of customers as they increasingly become ‘digital and mobile’ savvy. A digital transformation isn’t a single effort but rather a portfolio of initiatives that combine to scale the change. Executives need to map out each initiative, ensuring it is clearly aligned with the broad business strategy. Key performance indicators need to be tracked persistently, questions raised and prompt course correction done where needed.

Digital marketing: Digital marketing is an integral part of the business’ digital transformation and approach. Digital opens new frontiers, and requires adapting with time. Marketing Executives require the understanding of where digital is having the greatest impact.

Digitization of business processes: Digital transformation positively affects core business processes and their workflow. The development of new competencies revolves around the capacities to be more agile, innovative, customer oriented, aligned and efficient with present and future changes in mind.

Digital experimentation: This includes innovation and new digital trends. Digital transformation is about creating great customer experiences through experimentation. Pulling it off requires aligning technology, strategy and continuous evaluation of execution process.

Many business leaders know they need to increase their digital quotient but are unclear about how to go about digitally transforming their organization.

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