Choosing Drupal for your media site: Things you need to know

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Media websites are large and heavy configurations due to the enormous amount of data, including videos, images, etc., and need a robust content management system to fulfill the expectations from it. A media house is no different from other businesses and monetization is a crucial factor that needs to be considered before going online. Of course, other areas also need attention such as responsiveness, content management, etc.

As a media owner, if you are planning to launch your website using Drupal, you must ask questions related to the following areas, to the company managing the entire process:

Monetization: This is a vital area and a critical aspect to be considered by any media organization as developing and managing a large website is an expensive matter. Most media houses would want a minimum of 10% of their revenue to be generated by the website so that the traffic is used well and can be monetized. Drupal provides multiple options in themes that can bring in substantial revenue. Media houses can look at options such as promotions, advertising, subscriptions, and even single purchase dealings to help monetize the website.

Personalization: The competitive media industry is always looking for myriad ways to create value for the visitor and generate user loyalty in return. It is here that personalization plays a major role. By creating user profiles, it is easy to track the user’s choice and interest areas so that the content can be prioritized accordingly. Thus it becomes easier to create personalized content. Apart from the above-mentioned points, your website builder should also be able to suggest how to use user-generated content or gamification for your monetary benefit.

Understanding Content: The Drupal company that a media house employs, should understand the kind of content essential to create the maximum impact. The workflow of your organization, the various distinctions of the industry, and the many challenges of content management should be clearly understood to create an impactful and practical website. Therefore, a web development firm with enough experience servicing media clients could be your ideal choice for this critical project of yours.

Site Responsiveness: News, content, shopping, and directions are being consumed through the mobile phone, and with the entire consumer world going mobile, your organization wouldn’t want to be left behind. Media organizations need responsive sites to ensure better engagement and lower bounce rates and your service provider should be alert to this important fact.

Scalability: As your business grows, your website should be capable of handling the growing traffic and added content. It should be capable of managing complicated architecture and the Drupal firm being considered should be able to scale up operations as and when needed.

Security: This is another extremely important factor that cannot be neglected by any media owner, as there is a lot of confidential data that needs protection. The Drupal web development company should be competent to manage issues related to security.

Make sure you, as a media owner, ask the right question to the web development firm you employ. Of course, if you partner with Zyxware Technologies, it will be a foregone conclusion that the above areas will be addressed without a doubt and much more too. Get in touch with us today and understand the huge difference we can make to your business!