Why is Drupal the ideal content management system for media and entertainment industries?

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The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are being carried out. Every brand and business is engaging their customers or users to interact with them. The media and entertainment industries are no different. They have adopted the creative sharing and interaction strategy to grab the users’ attention and to keep them actively engaged.

This change of strategy happened in the light of rising competition and too much traffic. With so much of information available on the Internet, the only way to attract traffic is by promoting interaction with the customers.For fulfilling this objective the media and entertainment industry has to incorporate flawless content management features which comprises quality text, attractive audio and visuals, polls and contests. In short, these industries need to integrate social networking, video management, content management and content monetization to reach out and attract prospective customers.

But why Drupal, isn’t it?

Chris Rock, Reuters, CNN, BBC and GRAMMY are some of the names in the media and entertainment sector who have roped in Drupal’s services for their portals.

Among the different CMSs, why is Drupal gaining popularity in the media and entertainment industry? Let’s look at how these industries benefit by using Drupal as their CMS.

Efficient management of vast content: Every day, the media and entertainment portals work with huge chunks of data and one of the best things they need is a powerful CMS like Drupal that effortlessly manages magnanimous amounts of data. Having some of the most powerful modules, Drupal offers the best content management techniques.

Generates online returns: Whatever be the industry, the ultimate goal of every business is to generate revenue. So how does Drupal help companies generate returns? The answer is ‘MONETIZATION’. Drupal comprises of numerous advertising and promotion modules to carry out procedures such as adding subscriptions and one-time purchases which are brilliant ways to generate online revenue.

Providing better customer experience: Drupal provides a vast selection of user-friendly module themes and customizations, smooth consumer interactions, creative content creation and management and sharing that the media and entertainment requires. Drupal also provides customization in various languages making it possible to provide content translations. In addition, by using Drupal, media houses can also reach their audiences through several platforms such as smart devices and desktops.

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