Top 10 Media and Entertainment Sites built with Drupal

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This article is part of a series on the top ten sites in different industry verticals built on Drupal. Though there are a lot of famous and influential websites, their popularity or lack of it on the web as per their Alexa ranking is a bag of surprises.

These are the top ten media sites in Drupal according to their Alexa ranking as of 26th July 2016.

The Weather Channel Website

The Weather Channel provides the national and local weather forecast for major cities around the globe. The site has an Alexa ranking of 176.




2. The Independent Website

British online newspaper, Independent has an Alexa ranking of 477.


3. Elmogaz Website

Elmogaz is an Egyptian online news portal in Arabic. It has an Alexa ranking of 584.


4.Patch Website

Patch is a US media site with an Alexa ranking of 641.




5. Le Figaro website

The french media site, Le Figaro has an Alexa ranking of 898.


6. Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment weekly website

Owned by Time Inc, the Entertainment Weekly site has the latest on movies, TV shows, and music. It has an Alexa ranking of 925.


7. Legacy website

Legacy, an obituary site has an Alexa ranking of 1054.


8. NBC Sports

NBC sports website

The sports site of NBC has an Alexa ranking of 1384.


9. Typepad website

Typepad, a blogging platform for publishers has an Alexa ranking of 1777.



MSNBC website

MSNBC, the US has an Alexa ranking of 1813.


The above list is created as per the information got from Topdrop, and We do not claim the list to be absolutely correct, but have strived to give accurate projections. Corrections and clarifications are welcome!

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