Drupal Migration

Drupal Migration Services Made Easy with Zyxware
| 2 min read
A public research university in Melbourne, Australia, renowned for its TAFE and higher education courses, has been consistently ranked high globally, including in the Times Higher Education rankings. The university faced a major challenge in migrating its extensive, complex Drupal website to the latest version. This case study outlines how our team assisted the university in successfully migrating about 2000 pages of unstructured content to a new structured website format.
Drupal 10
| 4 min read
entityQuery is one of the most used functions in Drupal. It helps you easily pull Drupal entities in code. But when you use this in contexts other than controllers, say in cron-jobs or update hooks where the system is accessed as anonymous users, it may not work as expected in Drupal 9 Unless you call accessCheck explicitly. This short article talks about how to use entityQuery in these contexts and write entityQuery compatible with Drupal 10.x
| 4 min read
It is extremely important to assess the complexity of your Drupal 7 website before you plan to upgrade/migrate it to Drupal 9. We have created a tool that helps you in this process.Drupal 7 AuditThe Drupal 7 audit is a Drush command which can do a full site audit to capture the essential elements required for assessing the complexity of your Drupal 7 site.
Banner_Drupal 7 Migration
| 6 min read
Congratulations on your decision to migrate to Drupal 9. This is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve made as a technology leader. As you’d be aware, since the release of Drupal 8 in 2015, Drupal has been considered a leader in the object-oriented, enterprise-class, modern web content management framework. Now that Drupal 9 is also released in June 2020, the Drupal community has kept its word and has proven that the version upgrade to the new version is a walk in the park.
MIgrate to Drupal
| 5 min read
As a user and developer, you would have surely heard about Drupal, a free and open source Content Management system (CMS) that has great developer network and is free and most secure too. All said and done, if you decide to make the transition from your existing CMS to Drupal, you would surely want to understand the steps to be taken, the cost involved etc. before you take the plunge. If the right kind of homework is done prior to migration, your team will be better prepared for the change and will also keep the migration costs down.