Migrate to Drupal the Easy and Smooth way!

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As a user and developer, you would have surely heard about Drupal, a free and open source Content Management system (CMS) that has great developer network and is free and most secure too. All said and done, if you decide to make the transition from your existing CMS to Drupal, you would surely want to understand the steps to be taken, the cost involved etc. before you take the plunge. If the right kind of homework is done prior to migration, your team will be better prepared for the change and will also keep the migration costs down.

The development company to whom your organization will entrust this task to, would need to be prepped up with the right information before undertaking the migration and to receive the right quote too.


Let us delve deeper into this migration process for a better understanding and a smoother transition:

Have a Migration Plan in place

 Just like a traveller prepares for a journey and considers the various pitfalls and breaks, a Migration plan ensures that there are no hiccups in this migrating agenda. As cost is the primary factor to be considered, the migration plan will make sure that the budget is in place and there are no surprises in store.

Keep a ready answer for the following questions when you decide to migrate to Drupal

  • Is there a person who has been nominated to represent the migration?
  • What is the time frame given for the process?
  • Can the migration cost be justified?
  • When will the ROI on migration become available?

Readiness on these fronts will be a great way to begin the process and will go a long way in helping the development team to hasten and work within the time frame. This will ultimately save money. Period.

Taking a fresh perspective

Your business website may have become stale and boring over a period of time, and migration to Drupal may be the perfect opportunity to make the necessary changes. As soon as the decision to migrate is taken, it would do good to prepare fresh content or outsource it to a dedicated writer. Remember that well-written and quality content writing takes time and hence needs advance planning. This should not become one of the reasons for any delays in launching the refurbished website.

Auditing your site

Auditing your website should be done from two perspectives viz. Organizational and Technical before the actual migration happens. The organizational audit will help you save time in the ongoing communication process with the development firm, and keeping answers to obvious questions ready will also keep you in control. The technical audit will help in identifying certain areas like evaluating how the source site structures non-content data or even identifying the repository the source site uses.

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