Drush Script to Assess the Complexity of your Drupal 7 Website

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It is extremely important to assess the complexity of your Drupal 7 website before you plan to upgrade/migrate it to Drupal 9. We have created a tool that helps you in this process.

Drupal 7 Audit

The Drupal 7 audit is a Drush command which can do a full site audit to capture the essential elements required for assessing the complexity of your Drupal 7 site.

The script will capture the following elements and prepare a neat report which can be given to any Drupal vendor to get an estimate of your Drupal 7 to 9 migration.

Sl. NoProperties
1Basic Information
1.1Site ID
1.2Domain name
1.3Database size
1.4Drupal 7 version
2.1List of content types with several fields and number of published nodes
2.2List of web forms with the total number of submissions
2.3Number of files uploaded
2.4List of vocabularies and number of terms
2.5List of enabled views with several displays
2.6List of enabled blocks and regions
3.1List of contributed modules with its Drupal 8/9 readiness status
3.2List of custom modules enabled with the number of lines of code
3.3List of enabled features
4.1List of templates from the default theme
4.2The number of lines of code and list of functions from the template.php
4.3List of CSS and JS files used
5.1List of user roles with several users
5.2List of permissions
6Cron jobs
6.1List of custom cron jobs


Multiple Drupal 7 Website?

If you are managing multiple Drupal 7 websites in a Drupal hosting system like Pantheon, no need to execute this Drush command manually on all the websites. It is possible to automate this script to execute on all your Drupal 7 websites on Pantheon using Terminus, multi-dev environment, and durst features provided by Pantheon. We recently executed this script for a client who has 170+ Drupal websites in Pantheon, and it took only a few hours to get this done, without even touching the production environment.