Still Wondering Whether to Migrate to Drupal 9?

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Still, Wondering whether to Migrate to Drupal 9? Let me reassure you, this is going to be one of the best decisions you’ve made as a technology leader.

With the release of Drupal 8 in 2015, Drupal became a modern object-oriented enterprise-level content management framework that can help business organizations in their digital transformation initiatives.

Drupal 9 was released in June 2020. It is the first major release after the Drupal community switched to the semantic versioning model. It is a successful proof of the concept for Drupal site owners and maintainers that new major versions are no longer a headache.


Drupal 9 comes with a lot of new features that help all kinds of use cases a WebCMS needs to handle. Once you are in Drupal 9, you are in a strong base that will help your digital transformation initiatives in the long run. The strategic roadmap set for Drupal 9 is futuristic and you will see more and more features added to the Drupal core every 6 months as part of the innovation-driven semantic versioning.

Here is the list of ongoing strategic initiatives (images and content from can be taken)

 Drupal 9 Strategic Initiatives 



1. Admin UI and JavaScript Modernisation


Drupal's default administration experience was last overhauled in Drupal 7; we're working to bring it into the modern age of design.

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2. API First


Integrate with other systems, bring your content anywhere, display it as you wish.

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3. Automatic Updates


Updating a Drupal site can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. While implementing an automatic updates system is a difficult problem, and not without its risks, it is a problem that has been solved by other platforms, and that Drupal can address.

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4. Composer Support in Core


While many Drupal 8 sites are already being managed via Composer, this initiative aims to introduce "first-class" support for Composer right in Drupal core.

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5. Configuration Management 2.0


Now that Drupal 8's configuration management system has been out in the wild, this initiative aims to include core support for extended workflows.

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6. Documentation and Help


The goal of this initiative is to improve the Drupal evaluator, developer, and site builder experiences through improved documentation on, and improve in-application help via a new topic-based help system.

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7. Media


Authors and editors need simple drag-and-drop media and asset handling. Targeted features include WYSIWYG integration to easily select from the existing media library that supports multiple upload and expanded media formats (video, social media).

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8. New Front-End Theme


This initiative seeks to create a new default front-end theme with a modern look and feel.

9. Workflow


Bring major improvements to Drupal’s content workflow, preview, and staging capabilities to provide authors and editors with the tools to share, review, and collaborate on content before it's live.

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If you are still wondering if migration to Drupal 9 is the best way forward, have a chat with our digital consultants who can analyze your Web CMS requirements and help you decide. Drop us a message here. We will get back to you.